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High Fidelity Event Calendar ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) [Announcements] (119)

For your convenience, we’ve got a Google Calendar up and running with a schedule of High Fidelity events. At a glance, you can now check out our schedule for in-world events, and also events such as conferences and meetu…

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Beta Release 79 Now Scheduled for Friday, Feb 15, 2019 [Release Notes] (18)
Multi-Con VR: Characters in Animation! [Announcements] (16)
Expansion of Banking Hours [Announcements] (3)
AMA with Philip Rosedale on Twitter today, 10-11am PST [Release Notes] (1)
[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.78.1 [Release Notes] (4)
Bingo Extremo: Photographers Wanted! [Announcements] (1)
Beta Release 78 Now Scheduled for Thursday, Jan 24, 2019 ( 2 ) [Release Notes] (26)
Money Tree Rules [Announcements] (2)
Announcement: High Fidelity's Roadmap + Request and Vote on New Features [Announcements] (11)
Easier Avatar Importing, Coming Your Way! [Announcements] (7)
[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.77.2 [Release Notes] (16)
Introducing Local Entities! [Announcements] (6)
[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.77.1 [Release Notes] (4)
Beta Release 77 Now Scheduled for Thursday, Dec 27, 2018 [Release Notes] (17)
[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.76.2 [Release Notes] (2)
Bank Hours during Holidays [Announcements] (2)
Tree Decorating Contest [Announcements] (8)
[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.76.1 [Release Notes] (5)
Text to Speech v1.0 [Announcements] (5)
Beta Release 76 Now Scheduled for Thursday, Dec 6, 2018 [Release Notes] (6)
[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.75.2 [Release Notes] (3)
Thanksgiving Holiday Observance [Announcements] (2)
Beta Release 75 Scheduled for Tuesday, November 13 [Release Notes] (16)
FUTVRE LANDS - Favorite Domain Contest Voting Open! [Announcements] (11)
Introducing HFC Bonus Incentives for Creators Through January 2019 [Announcements] (3)
[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.75.1 [Release Notes] (4)
FUTVRE LANDS: Paid Volunteers Needed! [Announcements] (2)
FUTVRE LANDS -- Favorite Domain Competition [Announcements] (3)