Creations   Finished Scripts

Inspect.js modification to pan directions and speed (5)
Load a tablet app script when enter on a domain (3)
An Alternative Entities Editor ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) (135)
Richardus second DOOR script (7)
Mic Wrist Button App (4)
VNC in VR: Synchronized Virtual Desktops -updated for windows 10 (2)
Collaborative Text editor (1)
Collaborative whiteboard with chat (1)
Door with script (9)
Mic Wrist Button (Beta) (4)
Browse Webpages in sync (1)
Play HTML5 OGV and WEBM videos in sync (1)
Audio & Video Calls between worlds (1)
View PDF and ODP files in sync (1)
Useful tools developed for HighFidelity (1)
Is Edit.js no more working? (4)
Planets.js script (14)
EXPERIMENTAL Local Only: for Cine use: Basic face control via trackpad (3)
Nametags.js - display names above avatars' heads (8)
Controller remap that makes sense for those without HMD (6)
Vive-forward-patch.js: a crutch for walking with a broken controller (4)
Popup-console.js: Console debug logging w/HMDs in mind (2)
Making Scripting Easier: Entities Simplified [WIP] (1)
Persistent local storage option for Client scripts (1)
UI Avatar Indicator: Have to deal with pesky invisible avatars? Say no more! ( 2 ) (23)
Flickr photo plane (5)
Critter Framework: Client Script Helper for Basic Pets! (3)
Flaregun: Light the Darkness! (9)
Scriptable audio listener modes (1)
Inspect.js updated to start orbiting immediately (6)