0 Level of Detail & Missing Avatar


I stopped using this for a few months because I thought maybe the issues I was having was because it was an early build. Now I’m not sure so sure. I downloaded the latest version of High Fidelity and I still am having the same issues.

  • I no longer seem to have an avatar. I have no idea what happened or where it went.
  • Every time I load into the world, slowly the level of detail decreases to zero and I can’t see anything. Is my computer just not up to par to run this?
  • Computer Specs:
    • PC - Windows 10 64-bit
    • AMD FX-6300 (6-Core Processor)
    • 16GB RAM
    • DirectX 12
    • Nvidia GeForce GT 640 2GB DDR3
    • Cable Internet 25mbps Down, 5mbps Up

Any help with this would be very appreciated! Thank you!


Hah. I am pretty sure those specs can run anything.

I have seen this happen too, and it is usually after I have reloaded a script about 20 times (while debugging it) or when there are a lot of avatars around.


This is a feature to make it so new users have a unbelievably good frame rate. This has been implemented in such away as to discard bothersome things such as graphics.
I have suggested that this method might be considered annoying but what do I know.
I would explain the fix for the 200’th time but as this behavior is by design and as such part of the "vision"
I wont.


Good Cop / Bad Cop ?



Lots and lots of people tried hifi and left because of this lod thing.You try something it doesn’t appear to work you leave and don’t come back and you tell others about what happened.
If you’re not wearing a vr headset you don’t care about the frame rate.
When the viewer is still caching the domain of ofc the fps drops but if its not going to come back and it never comes back
Much like these new users…


Thank you very much for the information. I will try this out the next time I load up the viewer and report back with the results! :slight_smile:


We do need a good demo that shows the power and potential.
For those who have powerfull graphics hardware with high resolution and capable of advanced shaders.
We must be able to display the "High Fidelity"
This should not replace the basic install but be an option for advanced users.
Bug reporting is good, general criticism is bad.
The software should not be judged until it is written.
I think all agree it is coming along nicely.