13 new updates and problems now with interface


13 new updates in the last 12 hours and I have problems now with interface Mac -2978 I have teleported to different places and all were not connected. In my localhost all things are gone. My own place - MagicGame is also not connected, but all nodes are on.


Back to Mac 2965 - this works until now.


Hi @summer4me… have you updated your domain? You need to restart your stack manager.


Yes have have updated the stackmanager, but also interface Mac 2981 has not brought my localhost back. And also the other places are for me not connected.


How about hifi://sandbox


MagicGame is back :smile: I have build hifi new there. So I think also the other places will come back. Well, hifi://sandbox has crashed now my interface. Will try later again.


The only thing i notice that many domains seems not updated so you edn in empty places. but sandbox , ride works. and my ownd omain too. but that is empty.


After the crash in the sandbox I fully can’t login more also after reseting my data not. Have now also tried with Mac-2984 - same result.


Finally I was fast enough, to teleport to MagicGame before I crash. At MagicGame I’m not crashed until now. So will look, what happens.
I always be come to the sandbox, also if I have started from the directory to a other place.