156 Versions Behind, but 'Update' does nothing


I’m a Vive user coming across from Second Life because I’m really curious to try a virtual world in VR, but I’ve just installed the software and I already have a problem: When I run the Interface it warns me that I’m “156 Versions Behind” and need to update, but when I click on the ‘Update’ button the software just closes. Nothing else happens.

My main issue at the moment is that I get a nauseatingly bad framerate on my GTX 970, around 14fps with 5-10 second dropouts to my SteamVR Environment every time I tried to teleport. I’m assuming (hoping) that somewhere in those 156 updates that performance is fixed… I just can’t seem to make the update happen.

Is there a manual download available for the current build?


Should be it


Thanks Judas! … I swear that’s exactly what I downloaded last night, but I’ll give it another go. I also just discovered that the Sandbox has a separate update procedure so I’m running that instead, and I’ll see if that applies to the Interface as well.


Thats strange, if you never worked with high fidelity before you get with the download a installer that does interface and sandbox at the same time.

If you did have already installed a very old one. First uninstall it complete before instaliing the new one.

ADD: i just see that a new version is out. that explains the 156 behind. need to install that first.