16GB RAM filled in seconds using Dynamic Texture Management


I just noticed that Interface was filling my 16GB of RAM within about 5 seconds of arriving in a domain.
So I tried turning off Dynamic Texture Management, and everything seems normal now - RAM usage is only two or three gigs and it’s not cutting back to the default Vive screen all the time like it used to.

I tested with & without the option again at the Earth spawn point - the problem and the workaround were repeatable.

If you’d like any other info please let me know. I’m on 5429 on Windows with an AMD 290 and a Vive.



What is it you’re using that’s reporting 16GB of ram use?


Hi Jherico,
I’m using Process Explorer to see the memory usage. Here’s what it looks like when I’m arriving at Earth in desktop mode. I’m on Windows 7 btw:

When I untick Dynamic Texture Management and open Interface again (connecting to same domain), it shows ~1.5 GB of RAM used.