1st time trying to use - partly completed setup won't let me log in


Hi! I just downloaded HF and I set up my pw/login. I got to the “setup” section of the sandbox, created my token, copied and pasted my token. The system reset as expected - but now it asks for login/password and will not accept my login and password! So I can’t do anything else. I’m stuck.

I am reading the instructions but I do not understand AT ALL what I am doing here. I have been in SL and other VRs for years and this is totally different. I don’t understand what the sandbox is or what the server settings are for and this is not covered in the instructions - they just expect you to know when you log in I guess. I do not.

I would really like some help. ???


In High Fidelity parlance:

  • “Interface” is the viewer
  • “Sandbox” is a server - an optional, pre-built server that you can run locally to serve a domain (can be private or public).
  • “Domain” = virtual world / region / sim

You don’t have to have Sandbox set up in order to visit other peoples’ domains.

Overall guidance:


I figured out that I didn’t set a password or login for the HTTP - which is the issue I requested help on, above. I figured it out on my own, thanks.

The instructions here are wrong.

For example: under “Change your Avatar” it states:
To get a good look at your current avatar, switch to a traditional display (Display > Desktop) and set the view mode to mirror (View > Mirror). Everyone starts out as the default avatar - a sparkly blue being of light and the image below shows what the default avatar looks like.

I don’t get that view. I get the tight close up on my avatar head view.

Then it states:
Click on the Examples icon found in lower center of your view. (It will be next to an Edit icon.)

  1. I don’t have anything int he lower center of my view.
  2. I do have “edit” in my hud, but no “examples” option anywhere.


Yeah, the docs are somewhat out of date in places, which doesn’t help.

View > 1st Person or View > 3rd Person to exit from mirror mode view of your face.

Press the Enter key to bring up an “address bar”. You can type in the address of a place if you know it … e.g., “playa”, “sandbox”, … or click on one of the thumbnail things above the address bar to go to a suggested place.


Yes I just went to youtube and that was worse!

Thank you. I will try again later. I could not figure out how to chat or talk to someone. I can’t work out how to get home. I TPd to places that said there were other avatars but I couldn’t find them! This is very disappointing.


If you’ve just setup your domain by running sandbox.exe, getting home should be as easy as clicking on the “house” icon that appears after you type enter. Or you can just type in “localhost” or your temporary placename into the address bar that appears after typing enter.

Going to other places that show people online right now does not always take you to where others are. For one thing, HiFi domains are large, if someone is there, they may be a long way away from the entry point.

Another thing to understand is that some places here have logged in AVs or even scripted agents that show up as people present.

There are text chat scripts that are available on the Marketplace if you do not want to use voice.

Things here are progressing every day. Right now things are still in “Beta”. As HiFi gets feedback from new users, the new user experience will get better.


I don’t understand that first paragraph at all. I installed hi-fi. I didn’t
run anything called sandbox.exe that I know of and nothing by that name is
listed in the instructions. I tried to setup like the instructions
indicated but as they totally fail to mention why you do anything I have no
idea if I did it right. The way you are taking “domain” = “sim,” is that
the case?

I clicked the only house icon I saw, near the address bar, nothing
happened. What is temporary placename? And what appears after typing
"enter?" I tried to type and nothing happened. I tried typing in the
address bar that pops up when you want to to and nothing happens.

Is there no radar or map feature to find actual avatars? No in world help?


When you download HiFi you get two programs/apps. One is Interface (the Viewer/Client) the other is the domain server (Server Console/Sandbox/Domain Server/ aka Stack Manager, sorry about the name mix-up, the name has changed many times).

When you run Interface you can connect to domains running in HiFi. You can run your own domain by running the Server Console app/program.

Your “home” is the domain you are running locally on your computer when you run server-console.exe.

Yes it is different than SL, OS and other places. But to be better, it must be different.


Welcome to the club. We’re here to help. Try to stay patient.


If the sandbox is running you see this icon in the taskbar.


I was only given and ran one exe which shows the icon mentioned. That is
all the instructions reference. That is what runs the interface. I don’t
have anything else that I run separately. And I’m a little baffled at how
aweful the instructions are. Honestly for the amount of time we have all
wasted on this someone could update them! At least update the YouTube help

And different does not always mean better.