2 Names 1 Domain = Alphabetical SORT


Hi… consider the following.

I have 2 placenames. “ARTS” and “OPEN”
both point at the same domain.

Machine 1 is currently logged in and avatar is sitting @ OPEN.

Machine 2 is currently logged in and SEARCHING for users @ OPEN.

Results are only first PLACENAME is shown:

cc: @b, @ZappoMan

Question about default domain names

is it set to allow unlogged users in?


Yes. I initially had this disabled, but you must enable to get into the searchable domains queue.


This is a question for @howard.stearns.


YO! @howard.stearns can you weigh-in on this? If there is an open Aptana ticket I can hold steady until next beta Just keep us in the loop. Some folks here use different bug trackers at work and would rather not look at them during their off-time. :smiley:

Goto shows domains intermittently

Right now, the address bars offers up to three suggestions.

Currently, the suggestion algorithm isn’t very sophisticated. Right now, it just picks the ones with most current users of those that meet all the following criteria:
- Have a place name. (Not a temporary name.)
- Have at least one user already present. (Of course, it must be running to have someone present.)
- Be listed as having operating hours for the current time. (The default operating hours are all day except for a minute at midnight.)
- Not have entrance restrictions.
- Be running the same protocol signature that the client is using.
- Not have more than 20 users already present.
- A picture must have been uploaded for one of the place names of this domain. (You do this from the “edit” option of your place names.)

In addition, you can type in the address bar like always. As you do so, the suggestions are all filtered by what you type.

  • For this purpose, we don’t require a picture, but we still currently require a person to already be there.
  • For each candidate, the name (and all place names), description, and all tags are examined to see if the words you are typing all appear someplace. (Case insensitive, but no “stemming”, and no unicode canonicalization.) Thus typing “playa” will match “hq”, because “playa” is a place name in that domain. The multiple place names are alphabetically sorted and the first one is the one displayed.
    Alas, there are no ‘as-you-type” suggestions in Vive, given the way that keyboard currently works.

REMEMBER: If there are multiple domains on the same local network, you must go into advanced settings and change the Local UDP Port to 0. If multiple machines on the same network use the same port, people won’t be able to connect to you!


This was my assumption. But I would like to request if a user types “open” they see “open” and not “arts” My grand plan would be to have quite a lot of placenames that simply point to different locations of the same domain. Does it make sense how frustrating that would be to an owner their paid for placenames (pointing at one domain) do not show up in the list? Again, thank you very much for answering my assumption; I don’t feel this solution is permanent, much less super-practical for my use.

Would you take a moment to address any changes to this search and sort that is on your roadmap? Many here would be very interested I’m sure. ((because you’re basically Google Search at this point)) :smiley:


I second what @AlphaVersionD just posted. The way it works now is useless on any domain that has more than one placename. My “Capitola” and “Peril” placenames never show up because they are on the same domain as “Avalon”.

Another thing I think is a big mistake with this idea became apparent the first time I saw this days ago. I went to the three places shown and found that, although there were “Avatars” logged in on each place, all were AFK and just were camping. I suspect that even the filming guy on Playa shows up as being a valid user, but I could be wrong.

This will make it so anyone who wants to have a place show up on the list will use a camper or campers to even have a chance to show up on the list. Or is that the point in it? To make it seem like there are more users than there really are, as was the case with early versions of another VW?


This is all pretty experimental. I do consider it a bug that the picture doesn’t necessarilly match the name, nor the location that you’ll end up in when you go there. We use the database’s definition of name, described above, and the first place name picture we find, effectively from a random order. There’s no good reason we can’t make the name and the picture match. Separately, we’re looking into having the items be “places” rather than “domains”. Stay tuned…


With regard to camping: Yes! We’re working on having the suggestions be based on real actions by real people. The occupancy thing is a bit of a placeholder for that. (No pun intended.)

Great feedback, folks! Keep it coming!