3:30pm Friday! Live Performance In HiFi!




Bumping this into the Announcements section! (With kind permission from @KevinMThomas.)


Definitely going to try to be there! \o/


Yes be good to have at least 1 singer there :wink:


Lol, this is why Kevin is gonna kick your butt, Judas. :stuck_out_tongue:


George the Goat will be doing his finest work. We will be starting with “Brown Eyed Goat”


Speedtest results from the primary Stack Manager…

Turns out I split my Gig of Download with the other machines in-house. The upload is holding true @ 200 +/- 30 for all machines.




@Jherico here it is working.


For the record those are http asset calls.


This was great fun and thanks to Kevin for doing this.


Shame it where on bad clock.


Thank you @Ciaran_Laval and everyone for making this so fun!