3 March, 3 pm. Intro to Morph3D's Avatar Creation Tools in High Fidelity





To bad I can t join today this event.
But I hope to find a Manual how to make a Avatar with Morph3D in HF soon.


100,000 things on the morph3d market place

so that kinda knocks making clothes on the head. Nigh on impossible to sell anything in a market that flooded.
i spend a week making shoes figure out how to make them compatible with daz
then dont sell anything cos its 1 pair in thousands

i was hoping we would agree on some avatar standards then the users would create content
100,000 things there allready
commerial game over for the independant builder.
then were not selling anything in world
will be all on their market place
the daz market place
it also seems like to get changed you will need to go back into that software
so no in hifi shops
, where are these hosted? will daz be hosting them?
if i put the avatar i make on github am i breaking the liscence?
if i upload my clothes to daz, and somone buys them and p[urs them on a publically accesable server will daz cover my loss or am i on my own?


Welcome to new and expanded market dynamics. The big name companies are now in the game. It’s called virtual globalization. It’s really nice stuff but it certainly knocks out the casual makers. Also, I guess we now have a de facto standard: morph3D.

As for your questions, they are answered clearly here:


  • Personal Use Only
  • Cannot be sold, rented, transferred, lent (aka Personal Use Only)
  • Cannot be more than 50 instances in-game (what does that imply??)
  • You agree to protect their content from unauthorized disclosure (can we say DRM?)
  • You (buyer/user) agree that if they (Morph3D) even think you’ve violated terms they will take you to arbitration and if you lose (high probability), you pay all attorney & arbitration fees

This is the kind of onerous Cr*p SL’s TOS did, which is why I refused their TOS long ago. Now we see the same onerous contract in getting an avatar?! Why would I imperil myself to a tens of thousands of dollar arbitration and attorney fees because someone snatched their avatar from my asset servers in which HF does absolutely nothing to stop or help me from letting that happen?

Until this is fixed with some form of indemnity or limitation of damages or some form of content control. I am not getting an avatar from Morph3D.

BTW, I really like the avatars in that market, and we really need to discuss content control to protect their rights and our perils. This has been one of those hypothetical conversations in the past. Well, we now have a real case to handle.


I noticed i cannot set readyroom desktop to full size screen.
Your working on tiny screen with tiny font, but for now it’s still pretty readable.

More annoying is that it want the password every time again you start the application. Why can it just not remember the password and user. not nice in desktop mode. must be hell in VR mode.

I try to zoom in on the avatar to get a bit better idea how things look.
it’s not possible in desktop mode. so hard to see the shoes. I need to try the VR version, but what is possible is very limited rigth now compared to mixamo fuse. I have the feeling that there’s no age slider.

Why can we only click true clothing in one direction ? And not back ?

Not seeing option to save a draft avatar to disk.
Or after renaming it the same avatar with new outfit.

But… It’s still in development. Ill dive deeper into it later.
Mabye it’s better next week.

Have the feel and need to change the skin,
the look a bit hairy right now. Just something i do not like.

@judas, not sure what store you see. i see almost nothing in the asset store.

ADD: Am not sure if i use the right moreph 3D software I see something else compared to screenshots inworld. but not seen any other software.

Ill wait for the official post to check.


What a shame, no documentation about what is the right morph 3D software.

Anybody found the right software. the readyroom version
i have not seems to have much edit options to make it usefulll.

Just tried ready room in VR. but i get error from steamVR. unresponsive.
So it looks like the readyroom software only works in desktop mode ?
The uinresponvive message maby means just that readyroom is still loading. but you cannot choice VR.

DId i say i cannot export any readroom avatar ?


Ya that thought crossed my mind too, but I think there is still plenty of room for custom / creative avatars. Doubt this will end up being free either for the end user…

It’s geared to the users who like to play with sliders, and we want them in High fidelity from my point of view. If this will help gain critical mass, then I’m all for it.



I suppose it means the end of user created content replaced by professional creators.
i did this in 2008 one of the first things i ever tried in photoshop
didnt have a clue what i was doing

If i arrived in hifi today knowinbg nothing, would I stay or would the learning curve be impossible

I didnt know that I was making a uv texture, i was trying to make a dress for an avatar, you coudl load the image up in world and put it on the model and look like badly painted Abba

looks on the daz market, wonders how we will know what will and wont work in here?
Caveat emptor


Same here so far.
I could enter also only the Desktop mode and the Export has not work.


To everybody you’ll need to download the newest version to get the VR working definitely not export is working on desktop right now Sbin hopefully high fidelity is link will be working later they said they were working on a fix


Sounds good, I have enter the ReadyRoom in the VR mode now.
I try tomorrow if I can teleport, currently I see the link start to work but the RR let me stuck.


Th concept is very interesting.
Their avatar have still some weakness… they have the hand at 90 deg unsync, the feet are not always following the body.

But plug this on any open clothes/model marketplace to feed this in content from creators and they have a very profitable business there. (If we consider the clothes market in SL, that can give you an idea.)
A lot of potential, really…

It’s still not clear how it will be linked to our account… I suppose there will have any secure API to not have to give them our credential to allow them to plug their avatar?


Excellent point because if they do require identifying credentials, it is fairly easy to break anonymity.


I just tried a few minutes the morph 3D VR version.

I do not see much difference with the desktop version except it’s 3D. But i see lot’s of strange things.

So here’s a list of things i noticed.

  • I see the hand controllers in VR mode with the hands.
  • I tried to walk how i do it in High Fidelity, but you can only teleport :frowning:
  • The avatar is not Real scale in VR mode, something i expected to get the feeling of size. The avatar looked very small.
  • There’s no reset settings for every setting page, if you screw something, you cannot go back to the old settings.
  • I tried to look at the back side of the avatar, sadly that pushed my up in the sky, until i step back. Not found option to rotate. Same is missing in desktop mode. Why can we not walk around the avatar you work on in the VR mode ?
  • And there not enough settings to do anything usefull to configure your avatar, same for desktop mode.
  • I did not hear any feedback sound when i pressed a button. This can be because steamVR and hifi always screwing my playback device settings. Or there’s no sound at all.

I think that’s it for now. It can be a very powerfull tool and it looks good.
But it’s still away from something i can use to create the avatar i want right now. :expressionless: And i where hoping to replace this old mixamo fuse one.


  • The second skin color button looks brown.
    but the skin is coloring more human. I think that the button color is not correct.
  • In the body section, numeric feedback behind the sliders can be very helpfull.