3D Avatar Modeling Critique Wanted


Let me know if this is the wrong place or if there is a critique thread already out there!

I’m using Blender and have been working on this guy for a while now. However, I’m a bit discouraged about the body/head shape in general, and have considered maybe redoing him in Z-Brush. I am currently working in Blender.

The kind of look I am going for currently is tiny/furry with a bit of an Anime touch


He’s part goat and part rat, a creature of my own creation sorta.

The eyeballs were super difficult. I haven’t been able to make them look natural except to do this…

Which means I’ll probably have to forego eye movement and just go for static eyes…

And here’s a quick wireframe view:

Do you guys think this is redeemable as an avatar? Or should I at least redo the head from scratch? I haven’t tried rigging it yet; a little terrified of what will happen.

EDIT: Also, are tail joints a thing on HF? Will they be in the future?

EDIT2: What about skeleton deformation?


Here is a few pointers:

The avatar is a good base, but it will need retopology and rebinding to an absolute T-pose. You can get it to work as is, but it will be a pain to do when you start rigging it to the skeleton.

To keep avatar collision small I suggest pointing the tail downward in a 45 degree in the rest pose as the bounds are used the calculate the avatar size, and keeping it separate from the main mesh. or atleast as steep as angle as the tail length allows you do to to groun. Otherwise you will more likely get stuck into doorways. :slight_smile:

I suggest going through the avatar and retopo it to be mostly of a to a lower poly mesh. This will make it easier for you to unwrap, and apply (rig) the skeleton.

Here is an example of the base avatar I use for doing my avatar, and its’ clothing.

The tail is pointed down, and the avatar is set to a absolute T-pose, which is the default pose used in High Fidelity avatars. Currently a tool to make this easier is being developed.

Note that you do not have to be as stringent with the polygon counts however. but it helps to load the avatar faster

The eyes will be something you want to look into a bit more. Personally I use the Pixar method for my avatars it will require adjustment but this will avoid issues with z-layering conflics if you look at your avatar from a long distance.

If you want to keep them static, i do suggest deleting some of the unseen faces, to avoid the above mentioned -zflicker conflicts are some rendering distances.

If you keep the arms and legs separate, it maybe slightly easier to animate as you can ignore the stretch points, but I suggest reading up on the basics of rigging before tackling it ,for high fidelity but you must note that it might not look very natural, but that is a stylistic choise.

Once you get to it, I have templates ready and quite a bit of documentation available on the subject

Advanced topics would be stuff like Blendshapes allowing you to do silly expressions

Blender related notes, but do note that community is currently developing a add on for blender allowing for easier creation of content in Blender for High FIdelity:

Tail joints, are not directly the official skeleton, but it is available and define in the community one. High fidelity is also very, very flexible via the arcane art of scripting.
Scripts can be made to animate tails. Unfortunately there are not many with “tails” ( I know 2) so most community made ones are experimental and tend to occasionally not work as intended.

so not available in the market

However as long as you follow the Above Standard Compendium, something will be available some time in the future once more is available.

I hope that helps, but keep asking and ask questions :slight_smile: we will try to help.


Thank you so much for your detailed post!! I will make some edits and show more progress when the time comes.

Question: what did you originally create your avatar in? Blender? Z-brush? etc

EDIT: i also had this base I created in Z-Brush that I was working on that I had abandoned. Maybe this version would work better!


I created my avatar purely in Blender, but textures were made using Substance Painter


Any tips on how I should model the mouth for rigging?
I was considering just using a swappable texture for the mouth.


Currently we cant do texture swaps with character models unfortunately. Blendshapes are mostly supported right now.

I’d look up techniques to improve polygonflow, if you have Zbrush, you should able to do it with the ZRemesher after some practise.


Hmmmm okay!! This will take a bit of learning but hopefully I will have more to show off soon. I’m going to completely redo the head and POSSIBLY the rest of the body…


I suggest looking up polygon flow as well, so you know what would look right ish.

Remember though, you have to start somewhere, so you might as well try rigging and importing too, so bringing something to completion.

constantly work from scratch can stop you from completing things.
you can always refine as you create new things.

I think i went through about 8-9 iterations of my fox model, creating, finishing, and then redoing to another style or another.:stuck_out_tongue: but I still tried to put what ever versions up to see how it works, so i do suggest trying it first with what you have, then refine the process.


You’re right; I should get at least SOMETHING imported. Otherwise I’ll get too discouraged! I’ll work on rigging my current av I have mostly done and give it some simple textures, then work on a second iteration.


Here’s that avatar textured. Removed a lot of the extra geometry as well. I’m getting some help to rig it.


@Menithal, I have had 4 different people try and help me and we can not get the rigging right. It keeps being too large, or not colliding with anything, or my avatar’s head will end up directly in the middle of his legs. Can I possibly meet you in-world for help?


You can send me the blend file in a DM so I can take a peek at it,


Menithal is THE MAN!! He fixed it for me. Ends up being that my rotations were WAY off… but now I really do need to retrotopology it, because everyone gets a huge performance hit near me… :slight_smile:

Another question for y’all: How do I get him to look less cow-like, and more goat-like?

EDIT: I tried retopologying the head and i must have messed up the topology because now he looks angry… lol

Also am unsure how to approach this part:


Thats gonna be such a cool avatar :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Judas!! :slight_smile:


Try adding another loop towards the eye to the fore to create a more rounder eye socket around the brow. Having angular eyebrow features can create easilly create a more aggressive look, but

Suggest getting familiar hotkeys like

  • V: Edge Split (When edges are selected) / Vertice (when Vertices are separated) Rip
  • F: Make Edge (when two vertices are selected) / Face (when three or more vertices are selected)
  • Alt + F: Fill (Makes a Face with Triangles)
  • E: Extrude
  • Ctrl + R + Mouse Direction > left mouse: Create Loop
  • X > Left mouse - Delete selected
  • ctrl + W - save
  • Shift + A - Add Menu

Other fun hotkeys: the actual widget tools of grab (g), scale (s) or rotation ( r ) combined with axis (x,y or z) and toggle select all (a)

more goat-like?

Shape of the ears / directions horns might be a refer to it a bit. Head width also is quite a bit of a factor.

Style reminds me of Undertale though, so perhaps experiment with a more softer feature for one, and change the angle of the ears more downwards and horns more swiped backwards (even if tiny)


Luckily I’ve got all the hotkeys down… I just suck at modeling LOL

I have gotten that comment before that he looks slightly like the goat on undertale. Ironically, on second life, I am using an “Undertale-inspired” head for this character.

Here’s some reference images of my lil guy:

(one I drew - more “my style”)

(ref sheet I commissioned)


Then all you need is practise :slight_smile:


Phew… I retopographied the body, now to go back to the head :slight_smile:

I probably should have rotated his wrists before doing this… oops.

Flipped the horns to curve to the back. Oh my god, this was the biggest “duh” moment ever. Went from “looks like a cow” to “looks like a goat” instantly.


I’ve been looking at your goat head, its really cute but it is a little hard to tell what kinda animal. I think the ears could be a bit thinner, and decide if they are up or down I think most goats with horns have ears up? Anyway yeah the backward horn is much better!