3d interleavedddd


I have the nvidia shutter glasses and they have never worked with high fidelity and they work with my other games. I don’t know why it is an option in the display menu if it doesn’t work. maybe it works with some other brand?


Probably gotten broken again after many years of no one using it. It happens occasionally. Probably should get looked into either fixing or removing support:

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That s a valid complain @LoveAndroo

I m not sure we ever got it to work.
To my recollection, the nvidia 3d vision system would require specific massaging of the rendering code to make it work in deferred mode.

ANy of you or somone else would want to take up that task from WL?

Thanks for the feedback guys


It seems that both 3D display options currently have serious problems:

  • Side-by-side splits the screen but the images displayed frantically jump around.
  • Interleaved displays a black screen.

Apart from fixing the above, NVIDIA 3D Vision would work best if there was a further option, quad-buffered stereo. Then the scene would be displayed at full resolution for each eye rather than half resolution.