3D model optimization


Looking to polyopt your builds?



Hmm need to check that out, I wonder how well it does reduction on non-organic objects, and with UV consistancy.


Not sure. BTW, I recall many meetings ago @Philip mentioned HF was considering offering some kind of 3D model and scene baking pay-for services. Do you know what became of that proposal?


Interesting to see scene baking show up in Sansar. Wonders if some other things we had in HiFi in the past will show up there.


Yes, like facial expressions, in non-VR mode to transfer to avatars. I’ve heard the argument that one can’t easily do that when wearing VR gear, true that though it is quickly changing, and so people claim it’s fine to drop it. But, there are many use cases for non-VR mode tracking notably artists. An artist performing and streaming into an event is not going to be wearing VR gear. They do want face tracking to transfer their emotions to their avatar. They do want their limbs and fingers tracked without impediments to transfer their artwork to the audience as they play their instruments. There are strong use cases for both non-VR detailed tracking as well as VR based tracking. I wish this false dichotomy would end we get on with making it all work well.

Anyway, back to checking out the water bars in my mountain fire roads.