3rd person camera distance


Is there a setting in interface.exe to change the 3rd person cameras distance ? not that i like 3rd person much. but my camera is now so close that i dont see the feet. and it my ruler for things. and because theres no good cam option available i like to put my camera a bit morte back. So you see the feet to…

In the past you could cam around with the ctrl and alt key combination. but thats still broken.

Space navigator still dont work with hifi. to bad its perfect for it.



Being able to see the avi’s feet in 3rd person view would really help with animation editing.


@Richardus If you set your vertical field of view in preferences to 110deg or so you can see your feet, though it really distorts the look of things off centre.

Alt-camming works for me with the default scripts loaded. You have to press Alt before clicking and holding on something. Alt to zoom and orbit horizontally; Alt+Shift to orbit vertically instead or zoom; Alt+Ctrl+Shift to pan. … Pan directions still seem back-to-front to me, though.


@ctrlaltdavid thanks, it works now again with the alt and ctrl key… it did not work before.