4830 New buttons. New location, but


So, 4820 have almost no buttons left, and placed on wrong position. side of the screen where perfect. now it’s on the bottom.

No problem mov eit to the side, but…

The space for more buttons is horizontal, and ity’s not changing to vertical when i place it on the right location.

So, when i open edit the buttons get out of my screen because the bar did not change to vertical. Solution to fix it for now is placing the buttons top screen. But then the stats are not readabel !

No i go not move it to the bottom. It’s not nice location to reach with mouse and pen. The side is nice place. close to my windows taskbar.

Also, the (X) is now extra hard to see. It where already a problematic X with visibility. but now it got worse.

Hope this bug get quick fixt !


I fully understand them wanting to go for the uncluttered look on the main grafpane and yet we do need more sophisticated metrics and build tool panes. This might be a good time for the interface developers to consider adding a second window to the app where such ‘advanced’ items can be placed.


You mean undock the windows like edit , chat, Asset uploader , Scripts etc ? Yes that would be very nice to have before 2017

Also some snap to grid for the icons would be very intressting. So the get aligned easy.