4970 - Account Info Problem


Putting this in the Lounge because I don’t know where it needs to be.

Some of you may know that I use 2 different machines to run Interface using the same account. This has never been a problem until 4970.

I have successfully locked myself out of my Primary VR Rig. I NO LONGER CAN ACCESS THE METAVERSE! AHHHH! :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I tried to log out of the secondary rig, and then force crash it. When I logged into the primary machine I saw “myself” in the users list! o.O

If this is a known-issue for next build, fine. But do me the solid of helping me identify what to do to prevent it in the future. I’d really like to finish my Worklist Item and no, I don’t want to do it via localhost. To be clear, I used to dodge the ICE Server issue, by going direct via IP, but now that doesn’t work either.

Did I piss-off the wrong people at my ISP? Did I shake the wrong branch at the last meetup? Can anyone help?

@b, @c, and @lmnop :stuck_out_tongue:


Try clearing the High Fidelity %APPDATA% folder from your main rig. Your settings login token was invalidated and probably bugged up. That should allow you to relogin with your primary rig.


After complete delete, restart, and reopen Interface I have new files:

but no connection to the Metaverse…


This is a pretty big deal you guys…


Anyway, this would actually belong to the trouble shooting forum not the lounge :slight_smile:


Consider it done! and 20 characters.


Also note: localhost Sandbox is functional. Strange…


Really, still need to test that one.


Sorry for the bad attitude in my voice but it’s been a bad HiFi day for me.


Here is your bug report. As soon as I kill the “Sandbox” it cuts my connection to the rest of the Metaverse. Is this expected behavior?

@c, @ZappoMan


I’m not sure I understand what your problem is.
Is earth pointing to your sandbox?


I am able to get to “earth” without any issues. Could it have been a temporary internet issue?

That would explain why you couldn’t get to “earth” but you could get to your sandbox.



Not completely sure. I think zappo is also trying to reproduce using a set steps.


I know earth is doing sometimes weird for me with “not connected” after TP some time later 1 hour or so not sure it seems to work. Test it with a different domain.