4970 , Still flashing in HMD!


Well, playa can betetr be throw away, like philip says about my tree’s the are to heavy. The same is valid for Playa and some other places.

I have the idea that the flashing only got worse in the last version, that’s not improvement. Unless we get a new one before friday or a better meeting area.

The flashing happens most on heavy load. like me under my tree’s playa etc.

The flashing is very annoying !


And now with 4970, my FPS dropped from 26-50 to 0.3-2.0. I’ve been pushed out of the game.


This flashing is related to:


The HMD flashing occurs when the FPS drops below 45 fps. This happened quite often for me in Playa when looking around with the HMD. It also occurred in the Sandbox two weekends ago.

The recent build seem to have been declining in FPS, and could use another pass to check what is causing the FPS to tank so much.

For me I havent been using my HMD in High Fidelity yet since I am missing my hand controllers, so it is hard to say from the perspective of the 1080.


Hmm, intressting. i see it sometimes drop to 58fps. mabye it drops lower but to fast to see. mabye the minimum is still changeable as test in settings.

If i understand it, then the LOD kick in fast in and out and that is the flickr ?
Hmm HMD lod = 20fps I think that that option not doing much with the black flicking.