4K Moniters and setable window sizes


I dunno if anyone else is using a 4k Monitor but I find hifi struggles on mine full screen I get low fps followed by the lods dropping. If I’m the only person using one then I’ll wait for you Luddites to get out of the dark ages before nagging for a fix.

But in the meantime It would be handy for me to have the option to lock the interface window to 1920/1080 as an option along side full screen.

whilst i think about it might be useful to shrink the screen down to a low lag small size when in Vr mode like luckys tail does


What is low framerate ? do reach anyway with the screen 60hz ?
How is it connected ? i hope with display port 1.2 and not hmdi.

That lod is kicking in is strange, 4k is heavy for graphics card, but on 970. I expect at least 60hz without problem. if the cpu can handle all too. One reason did not buyed a 4K one besides the font size.


It goes down to 20 fps ish full screen so I tend not to run. It that way.
Re 4k it’s beautiful to look at but the windows support sux I wouldn’t recommend getting one till they are better supported


What do you get at 1920x1080 ? 40fps ?


75 ish most of the time


That’s dissapointing. Not sure what cpu you have. but i would blame that faster then GF970. But i can be wrong. the 980 is just my first card that gives me results am happy with. in combination with cpu.