5162 encryption issues with login


5162 is a dev release, so it has sharp edges. I am noticing that when going to a domain running this build, I see a “connection refused, error decrypting username signature” message. It is OK connecting to build Here is a log snippet:

[07/16 23:27:47] [DEBUG] Called LoadAddress with address  "spiritmoving"
[07/16 23:27:47] [DEBUG] Trying to go to URL "hifi://spiritmoving"
[07/16 23:27:47] [DEBUG] Logging activity "went_to"
[07/16 23:27:47] [DEBUG] Possible domain change required to connect to domain with ID QUuid("{8d035225-a2b2-4554-88af-6ee7b10da389}") via ice-server at ""
[07/16 23:27:47] [DEBUG] Resetting current domain connection information.
[07/16 23:27:47] [DEBUG] Hard reset in NodeList DomainHandler.
[07/16 23:27:47] [DEBUG] ICE server socket is at
[07/16 23:27:47] [DEBUG] Sending packet to ICE server to request connection info for peer   *

[07/16 23:27:48] [DEBUG] Returning username "Balpien.Hammerer" signed with connection UUID "db1dd1ba-ceec-487f-a4a7-b5e073379ddc"
[07/16 23:27:48] [WARNING] The domain-server denied a connection request:  "Error decrypting username signature."
[07/16 23:27:48] [WARNING] Make sure you are logged in.


Last meeting the talked anout protocol chnge in next beta. could that be the problem for you above ?


Meeting? Were there notes of the meeting? (sorry, just a wry comment on lack of documentation).
But, maybe that could be it, though the server and client are running at the same level. It works OK if client is 5162 and server is lower/older. Does not work if client & server are at 5162. I’m just pointing this out in case this is a bug that will end up in the next beta release. I was only on this release to try out the attenuation fix, and this bug got in the way of that.


That cannot be protocol change, sounds more like a bug indeed.