6 PM GMT Sunday unofficial Community meet


For show offs, general discussion, everyone is welcome! :smiley:

6 PM GMT Sunday Community meet and hifi://sandbox

Come on and discuss, and/or show off and other stuff :slightly_smiling:


Hmmmmm… what is that in SLT / Pacific time? (Googles it) Hmmm… noon, apparently.

Pity I’m already at another scheduled event in another virtual world at that time on Sundays.


sorry correcting that, it was supposed to be 6 pm gmt as I had it last time*


Okay, so 10am SLT/Pacific, then. :slight_smile:


Reminder, We will have the unofficial meetup today in an hour (6 pm gmt)


Hmm, how did i get 8pm gmt in my mind ? well that explains why nothing looked right at 8:30 :open_mouth:


How did the community meetup go. For that matter how did the official meetup go?


It was generally discussion and hang about with quite a few people.

Thoys rezed fish and it was chaos abit. We also visited Fire for a while. So nothing much there.

I’ll put my Friday summary in the Friday thread.