64 bit windows installer


Hi All,

We have updated the windows installer to be 64bit. You will notice that when you install, it will go into a new location. Let us know if you have any problems?



Just to avoid a bunch of what in the world is happening… once you install 64 bit build if you have Interface pinned to task bar or shortcut for launching it will launch the prior 32 bit version telling you that an update is available.


Nope not happening, not working.
edit : Yeah now it is. kinda.


Same here… something is wrong.

Ahh… Omega is right… launching from right place fixes… now to change pinned shortcuts.

hmm… seems to have messed up my skybox


Does the installer account for 32 bit systems or has Interface become 64 bit only?


I made a thread about messed up skyboxes and another issue I’m seeing here;



Okay, so what happens when you have the Interface pinned to your taskbar like I do?


Unpin it - launch from start menu or whatever then re-pin it so it has proper reference to new binary.


Ah, gotcha. Thank you.


Is the same installer for 32 and 64bit windows. because i do not see any seperate 64bit download link.

ADD: seems to be autodetect when downloading.


OOh that’s like 32 more, i don’t know what to do with those extra bits i was only using 9 so far

The icon for interface.exe needs putting in it (had to do it manually)


Hmm, interface did show there’s update. so you do what you always do.
Starting the installer… installing. and pretty in the begin.

Only cancel works.
Now let me find that process to kill it. if that is possible. Problem, that process seems not available sofar i see. and as long that problem exists i cannot install a newer version.

ADD: that process is now running twice ! And it cannot be killed from the resource monitor.

Still looking.


Yes - Interface has returned to not exiting when you close its GUI window.


There are problems with shaders too.



Well, interface did close. but some sub parts did not got closed.
Sofra it seems only to happen with the update button.


Well, yes, the GUI closes but it does not terminate the process leaving it ghosted and this is happening both when using the update button and just a normal close when done with interface. This is a return from a microscopic pause in this totally annoying behavior.


Especialy because it’s only fixable with a complete system restart for me. The process is not killable other way.


We need a 32bit version for 64bit windows. I do not see how to choice between both.

Also just noticed that the whole compound shape is not working anymore on my buildings now. Not sure what happend.

The edit tool seems broken too, i could select it but edit did not work. Until i decided to select it from the list and then delete worked (del key)


@Richardus.Raymaker I could hug you. I’ve been fighting with compound shapes sometimes working sometimes not since last evening. Until 2 people see if I had feeling it was a just me thing.


Strange thing is that the compund shape on earth with my building works. So mabye the stack manager on windows is the problem.

Downloading latest stack-manager now.
No, it’s still broken.