A better bug reporting system please


I am asking for a better system for bug reporting because the worklist idea is not working for us, the Alphas.

Here are the reasons…

The Alpha testers are all at various stages of understanding the platform, its unreasonable to expect them all to know the difference between a bug and their lack of understanding, so for them its mostly a case of "I cant find the thingy that makes the whatsit show up."
Some people can report bugs but are unsure of how to convert a simple “something doesnt work” into a constructive “this is a worklist job” and so nearly all the bugs are being left unreported by the most of the alphas.

Some people that have placed worklist suggestions have largely given up on this because their suggestions seem to get ignored and finally after a short time it gets auto passed. This results in 3 mistakes, 1. The bug continues, and 2. Now there is no record of it ever being reported, and 3. The tester gets dejected feeling ignored and eventually gives up trying to help.

There is no way of us seeing any bug history, we dont know whats being worked on we dont know whats been reported before and so we have no indication of any of the bugs being fixed or even reported. Many  Alpha testers are so put-off by this that they dont bother with the alpha program and just use the platform to build and test things for themselves or play house.

There isnt much point directing people to things like Jenkins or commits as most dont know how to decipher from these.

Some people use the forum to bring up a bug hoping it gets moved to the worklist by a developer, it rarely does.

There is no way of adding credibility to an existing report by other testers adding extra info to the worklist, people just feel excluded.

If any of what I have said seems misguided or exagerated then I suggest you look at the number of worklist jobs created as bug reports by the alphas in the last 12 months and ask yourself if this is an acceptable amount of reporting.

If it is, then I suggest thats because there is already enough known bugs to keep all your people busy, and thats acceptable but the reports, (known only as suggestions) fall thru the cracks because there are only 2 options, set to bid or pass, and if it doesnt get set to bid, thats the end of it, the bug remains, seemingly unreported.
There needs to be a place for a developer to say “yes this is a bug and we have added it to our to do list thank you” or “no this is not a bug, this is expected behavior”  the result here is the bug doesnt fall thru the cracks and can be worked on at some time in the future and the tester feels that his efforts are not in vain.

I know that most people do want to help. They will help if it is easier.

Thank you.


We are always looking at new systems. At the moment we are tracking and allocating bugs, internally, in Asana (we are just testing out the system, last week was the first week.). The category P1 are top priority bugs actively being worked on, with every engineer allocated at least 1 bug. We are huddling weekly on bugs. The other categories are not shown. The bugs below are active and therefore worked on during the week.

Here is a screen shot of last weeks completed bugs. (not sure if that is helpful).


I am so pleased this is having energy spent on it.
Thanks for the positive response Chris.

If I was allowed to push a particular item it would be…

That alphas can see all the bugs currently being assessed or worked on, that they may rest knowing the bug they just found has been already identified, or that it needs to be added.


Agree with @Adrian the worklist is not good for reporting bugs or share problems.
Its like the name saying ‘worklist’ so not really for reporting bugs.
ALso like adrian already did say the get autopassed after 30 days. Other worklist that where created in the past dissapear and get recreated by someone else. sometimes same bug reapper.

And finding something back is problem. offcorse mantis is not perfect to, still think i like it more then Jira. and worklist, well its worklist system anot for bug reports. Thats why you can better drop a bug on the forum.


Is there any update to this? I was hoping this would be rolled out before the new influx of alphas.

At this stage we still just have the worklist (which doesnt work as a bug reporting system, sorry) or posting in the forum which is equally hit and miss.


Most of my stuff got passed. So if someone comes along and re-suggests it later, they get the credit. Hummm.