A bit late newbie with HiFi... Some guidance needed for educational proof of concepts


I was accepted some months ago in this program, but I had no enough time to contribute and to test it properly.
I’d love to use HF as interactive scripting provider for using it as a mean to education as I am already doing with SL, OpenSim, (I also started with cloudparty but it unluckily got dead some months ago :frowning: )…

Testing I did so fare are a bit unfruitful, for instance I installed the interface program some hours again and tried to start it, but found myself lost in a couple of minutes. Now for instance when trying to use direction keys instead of moving my avatar I’m “orbiting” around it and don’t know how to go back to original settings…

I tried to read the https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/wiki/New-User-Notes page but they are quite not enough for me to understand how to go on.

Video tutorials on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afS0my0fJ9s appears private and cannot be viewed any further.

My very first target would be to learn how

  1. Build some very simple thing (a house? a furniture?
  2. Check if it is possible to build something like a HUD
  3. verify if it is possible to write scripts interacting with objects inworld (touch them) to have http requests towards an external website
  4. At the very least I’d love to set up a simple Museum to show pictures touching them going to websites or reading explanations, or doing simple quizzes
  5. Another interesting thing I’d like to investigate is to script a “shopping cart”, i.e. touching objects to see graphical info on them and “buying” them and then be able to checkout.
    Don’t know if these are interesting things we can do with HiFi, I already implemented them in SL, OpenSim with fair success, maybe HiFi can be the other frontier where to program interactive educational kits?

Thanks for any help and advice on this.
Claudio Pacchiega
aka Salahzar Stenvaag on SecondLife/OpenSim



Thanks for this video, I will surely look at it :slight_smile:


For building, you can either use voxels, or make something externally using, Blender, Maya, etc… and import it (although you must host the item on an external website and “point” to it to load it into HF, although that should be changing this week).

For scripting, we use JavaScript, you can make “HUDs” with overlays.