A collective noun for High fidelity Employees


We’re alphas that we know. In olden times we had lindens.
We have to call them something and OI YOU doesn’t seem to cut it.
any ideas?


Ha, you’re right
Euhm, but now the difficult … something original :smile:

The HF’s …
or The Hies …
H5’s …


Highfies ?
HiFidelity ?

Something orginal and good… need some time.


How about code monkeys? :smiley:


Once i got past punlike Philanthropist and Phildens Voxel Rose
I got to the servers, cos they have the servers and their here to serve us
and something about Hubs
but meh i got nothin


Whatever is done, can we please not name the employees the same as the currency?

So if employees of “Linden Lab” were “Lindens”, then
the employees of “High Fidelity” are … ?


Just High? Grins… This is pick on the staff day I think. We only pick on people we like. :smiley:


Wait, so does that mean if we want someone to very if they work here we can ask “Are you High?”


How about “Faithful Highs” ?


I was thinking about something summing up their job and roll about the

but i’m struggling to find an acronym


You know, its long but we could call them a Fidelity and here is why I picked it vs all the other short words and acronyms, as noted in this definition: faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.

Is that not what Philip and the gang are doing to virtual reality and changing the world with our help in this new venture? HighFidelity is as a collective being loyal to the cause and belief of making a computer reality come to life as a true reality and while we are just seeing the frameworks and bare bones right now, they are keeping us straight on the common vision while still using what we add and funneling it into the vision of a tomorrow.

We have a place where you can truly feel a part of the world on your screen and the people in front of you because of the dedication of a core team that opened their doors and their code to us.

They have Fidelity for us and the virtual world ecosystem and for the vision of what is to come. That is my little ideal into the subject but either way I say long life HighFidelity!


I where thinking the same. Fidelity as currency and lastname is the best.
Home for sale, 500 Fidelitys :slight_smile:


I always imagined the employees would be called HiFi’s - I’ve seen a tag on Brad with that on.

High Fidelity is a very well chosen name. It implies quality, precision, and trust. All qualities I’ sure the HiFi’s have. Maybe calling the employees HiFi’s (which sounds like High Fliers too if said quickly) would be easy to say and also imply who and what they are and represent.

Fidelity coins would sound good too and be transportable and understood outside of the platform (we have all heard of store ‘fidelity cards’ I hope?). However, I notice that the currency is in C$ - what does this represent please?

In essence I am saying some great ideas here and all on a similar theme & all thinking in the same direction - all together working for the benefit of everyone … This is one reason I love it here!

Thanks guys.

PS Chris rocks !!


the C$ refers to Cris coins as they will one day be for now their just Chrisdits

wot about Fi-teks


Thanks Judas :slight_smile: I have so many questions… typical new user!


Bad Judas. Baaaaaad…


Hhhmmmm … Methings Judas has been taking advantage of my newbie and trusting ways. Thank you for the heads up Vivienne


who told on me ¬.¬

looks all innocent


It’s a fun thread, but also a thought-provoking question. In Second Life the concept of the ‘Lindens’ (and the reserved lastname) was very special because these people (and these people alone) had certain special powers that other avatars/people did not have. The Lindens were/are capable of doing different things related to the health and maintenance of the ‘grid’ of hosted servers and the people using them.

The situation with respect to High Fidelity will be different in the sense that on another person’s server, there will be no concept of these superpowers. Certainly the fact that we will (likely) have a lot of influence over the direction of the software, etc, will be meaningful, but this will be very different than what it means to be a Linden.

I agree, though, that we will doubtless come to call ourselves something special… and it is fun and useful to ponder what that might be.


@philip Out of interest were the Lindens so named?