A comparison chart of 12 popular social VR platforms (including High Fidelity)


A comparison chart of 12 popular social VR platforms:

Please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes, thanks!


Maybe you can add a column about the “ability to build live in runtime”.


The comparison card has something interesting. You choose to have a specific column for “cartoon” appearance or not as default appearance. This actually resembles one of my discussion here in the forum about the cartoon orientered nature of HF :slight_smile:
Regarding the fact that you wrote that Avatar is not truly “dressable” but has only “wearable attachments”, while sansar is… This is quite interesting, I didnt dug on clothes in HF yet, but I was under the impression that HF could be also fashion and dressable, but probably you are right. Or the way to use clothes is again so much hidden in complex unfathomable workflow. Can any expert here confirm that this diagnosis of your card is correct?


Clothing in High Fidelity is doable, but is limited at this time to whichever avatar is was made for, since global clothing options isn’t really a thing.

I think that stating “default human avatars” is a bit misleading. If I play almost any other MMO, the characters typically have some kind of customization, but at the same time, wasn’t “default humans.” This can be due to the style of the game or the fact the game’s context doesn’t reflect it (I’m looking at you, Spiral Knights and Guild Wars). In fact, by those metrics listed in the chart, it would claim that Rec Room doesn’t offer any customization at all, which is just wrong.

So can you have clothing in High Fidelity? Yes, and not just attachments either. Apparently Ryan forgot that Menithal’s robes are completely separate, that items made in Marvelous do work here, or that I had a greeter uniform before all greeters got one…


I have quoted you on an update to the blogpost. Yes, technically you can make clothing for your custom avatar in HiFi (if you have the skills), but there is still no default, dressable avatar for which you can buy clothing from the marketplace, like you already can in both Sinespace and Sansar. Note that I am making a specific distinction between actual avatar clothing that conforms to your body and the simpler avatar attachments (such as hats and wings) currently offered at the in-world stores in High Fidelity.


Okay, yeah that I can now understand and is a good clarification. I do know Sansar has a thing with Marvelous Designer items in where it will auto-adjust to their avatars. Until custom blendshapes or better bone functions (bone scaling?) become a thing, that will be High Fidelity’s Achilles heel.

Another thing to note, which the VR subReddit has already pointed out: WMR does work on most SteamVR capable games. I can report some users actually using it in High Fidelity (and to rather extreme levels at that, with one case of a person who rented a hanger with wifi and ran around thanks to the inside out tracking). With the newer update to SteamVR now allowing control binding, this should (hopefully) mean that more VR programs can make use of WMR, even without native coding. So I guess the silver lining will then be “Does the application support Windows Mixed Reality natively (no SteamVR)?”


On the subject of WMR headsets, I got one last week and can confirm that High Fidelity works fine straight away without having to do anything hacky.