A couple of simple projects for HiFi hosted on Glitch


Hey all,

In an effort to try and get more (current) example content out in the world, I’ve started putting up some simple, small projects that I’ve been working on up on Glitch. I’ve been trying to improve readme documentation for each of these to explain how they’re built. I found out about Glitch through @thoys a while back and thought I’d experiment with it as an alternative to GitHub for personal HiFi projects. One of the benefits is being able to quickly remix projects people post.


Added a new little utility to these examples: a script that open up the tablet (or HUD window) to a web page when clicked. There’s a little special code handling in there for marketplace items so if you link to something on the marketplace, the utility will inject the Marketplace script so you can use your wallet.

Direct link: https://glitch.com/~open-tablet-to-page