A different take on the upcoming film everyone is hyping up on


Don’t necessarily agree (okay, I mostly do), but an interesting POV from the polar opposite of the hype machine (which basically goes overboard in the opposite direction, so keep that big grain of salt handy!).

Personally, I suspect it will be a perfectly entertaining but ultimately forgettable film, much like most big-budget sci-fi (and the book, TBH).


All of the 80’s stuff in the movie didn’t bother be the way it’s mentioned in the article but what did was (imho) a very large divergence from the original storyline. I realize it’s impossible to fit 40+ chapters of content into a 2 hour movie, but was still kinda sad that so much was changed for the screen adaptation. Meh. A PG-13 movie will likely never meet the expectations of the images created around certain ‘darker’ aspects of the storyline. Am I glad I saw it? Yeah, I guess. Would I watch it again? Probably not.