A Few problems with HMD in high fidelitry


I found a few problems or weird things. This with the HTC vive. Hope i write kneel good.

  1. When you knee in RL. you do the same virtual. But when your still kneeling in RL and move with the pad on the hand controller. your virtual avatar is standing. While your still kneel in RL. If you then stand up in RL. your vitual avatar makes a small jump.

Why does the avatar not hold the RL position virtual when you move it virtual ?

  1. When your in mirror mode, the avatar can be in different angle compared with HMD Last meeting my avatra where 90 degree from how i where staying. or in soem other positing. You would expect it’s 180 degree rotated from the HMD

  2. In Mirror mode, you never get out of it when you use HMD. The menu’s in the HMD are not working anymore.

  3. When you close interface and the controllers are still turned on. Interface did not released my mouse. It where still locked on the hand controlelrs. SO i could not close steamVR before i tuirned the controllers off. Normal you close steamVR to turn the controllers off, more easy.

I tried to record it hopefull to make it a bit more clear.