A general word to the "Old Alphas"


I have been here only a few days and have met only a few people. Many of you have been utterly lovely and helpful to me and to others, and I thank you! You have done something truly remarkable.

I do wish a few others of you would be a bit patient with those of us who are new and give us a chance to learn what is already available and possible before we go and reinvent a wheel. If you cannot do this, please just keep quiet as far as new folks are concerned. Every answer to a question doesn’t have to be, “go make it yourself.”

There are a few new people who would have liked to have been here earlier, but may not have known enough programming to build their way in strictly from GitHub. I am one of those. But, I tried!

This does not mean I expect everything to be spoon-fed to me, and I have other skills which, in time, can also be contributed.

If you want to share your world and knowledge with others, great! We are appreciative and will pass it along. If not, fine, we will figure it out ourselves.

But there is no sense being boorish and arrogant about your head start. This attitude puts one off to the whole enterprise–it makes for an ugly feel and a bad taste. And, frankly, it is probably the case that few really want to join up with those sorts of attitudes anyway, so you don’t need to worry about us trying to crowd in on your “club.” We are not going to come begging for a portal to your place.

Thank you, again, to the all of the Gracious Folks; hello to the Fellow New Folks; and best wishes to All!
The Face


Yes, better programming skills would be very handy. about some thing we did have long discussions, and some still going on. I don’t know how many times it’s told to make it yourself. It’s option to make it yourself, if you can … :frowning:

Until, some things are fixt we need to cry, scream and row forward with what we have.
Or just sit back and wait a bit longer.


here here @SterlingWright … the metaverse will only succeed if there are people and contents at every level of interest, involvement and skill. What would be helpful are pointers for new (and old) folks and communities to developed content that best shows the possibilities of HiFi.

Where do you go to get a decent avatar, hair, clothes and animations?

Where are the best places to meet others interested in X?

What groups already exists and how do you join in?

What fun places can be visited to show off the novel technical capabilties of HiFi?


@Ai_Austin, Am older :stuck_out_tongue: But im suprissed myself, but its only a few days difference.

Need to startup myself again with high fidelity and see what direction i can go.


@SterlingWright is sharing the only thing real in virtual world, that we might be mindful of. It is what makes virtual GREAT!

Those of us whom have been in Metaverse for many years, often, like to simply “jump in”. Although we know (and are happy about it) there will be things to learn/know, we expect our learning curve to be quick and on the spot! Alas, it isn’t always. I, however have found a fair albeit scant bit of information that is quite beneficial if one takes the times and goes through the forums before simply “jumping in,” world. While that generally isn’t my particular learning style, it was pretty much my approach–one I think (hope) will serve well. (and no, I didn’t’ have the time, but felt, i didn’t not have the time because I unfortunately expected EXACTLY the point Sterling raises.

That being said, a key benefit to opening up to all-skill levels during alpha phase is extremely valuable to its development. The “i was here before you” attitude is boring, immature and in fact unintelligent behavior, as it is counter-productive to what I presume is the shared goal of GA of the software.

Last night I “liked” a post about wearing years in SL as time served or a “badge of honor.” Well…maybe it is. Perhaps if some of the “i was here firsters” are armed with that knowledge, questions asked by us 8,9,10+ year SL could be seen in the perspective of goal reaching and not laziness. Nevertheless, I do think Forum reading will give a bit of an edge.

In the Highest Vibration of Love


I get the feeling the people dont see the difference between a joke / fun and serious stuff.


Oh yes, we keep on working on improving coding skills. The only restriction in execising them is … time.


The problem with text only communications are that sometimes people write in a way that doesn’t carry the intent they were hoping to convey.

Another issue is that we have a global audience where for some people, English is not their first language, meaning something gets lost in translation.

One of the exciting developments with High Fidelity is the way that facial expressions and hand movements can be tracked, which may well aid people to understand someone’s intent as we gain clues from looking at other people as to what they are trying to convey.


I am so excited about FaceShift! Getting that up and running for The Face is in my top two priorites after getting my place up and running-- well, and figuring out how all the controls and views work, which is still a bit opaque to me.


Hi Sterling,
As an “old alpha” I am sorry to hear you that you have received a less than welcoming experience from some people.
I have spent many hours in the sandbox helping new comers find their feet, and suggesting ways to overcome some of the difficulties. I certainly hope I have not made anybody feel less than adequate because I know things that they dont, I have always been prepared to help in any way I can. I like helping people. I share my knowledge. And most of the alphas I know are the same. (but clearly not all)

I must admit I have actually said those words “if you want it, you will probably have to code it” simply because that has become the catch phrase of alphas in hifi because that is in reality the way it is. It is what the designers have said to us in all seriousness on more than one occasion.
When an alpha says this line is is generally a joke to us because we all know we cant just code the things we want. We are echoing what has been suggested to us.

But it is certainly true that if a feature or function is not currently available then the only way someone might expect to see such a function would be to create it themselves, we have had to deal with this situation for many months.
This is not said from any feelings of aloofness or superiority and I dont doubt that in time you will use this expression yourself, sometimes as a joke and sometimes in all seriousness.
In some cases it is the only accurate answer.

I personally was never meaning to talk down to, or dismiss any new users because they are unfamiliar with the system, that would not be fair. And I believe most of the people who have said this have done so with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

There is no club, we are all alphas, old heads or noobs, all are welcome and the entire system needs to be approached with an open source attitude, that is the only way this will become successful. Ultimately that is what most of us want.

If you see me inworld please feel free to ask me any questions or ask for help without any fear of being looked down upon.


@Adrian no one has been like that from what I have seen. I have been helping people, as have @Judas, @KevinMThomas, @Coal etc etc etc (Sorry if I missed you, the list is too long).

As a collective, the existing Alpha group are more than welcoming @SterlingWrightsaid that. Existing Alphas have always helped me as well when I have needed it and I have helped where I have been able too. New Alphas are treated the same, helping where they can and taking assistance where they need to.

I am sure @SterlingWright would like to retract that single statement from her otherwise glowing report, simply because she has now more experience and appreciates how much personal help she has been getting from everyone.

smiles @ everyone


No, I do not wish to retract. As I said at the head of my post, “Many of you have been utterly lovely and helpful to me and to others, and I thank you! You have done something truly remarkable.

The rest of the post was addressed to a few.

I was just surprised and dismayed that the most genuinely glowing souls I have encountered thought I might have been speaking to them. I was not, and clarified that to them in private.

If this post is causing a drama, I will happily take it down for that reason. Otherwise, I will continue on my merry way!

Thank you and best wishes.


Honestly @SterlingWright, I my opinion you are darn right entitled to yours and I think you should leave it how you wrote it since that is how you feel.

I support free speech and free people feeling how they wish and just in that same case I support you.

I do hope that also means others understand I support their rights to feel how they feel too.


Thank you very much, Coal. Right back at you.
But, honestly, I really don’t want to start a drama.
I am going to leave this thread, and have already moved on! (to your script, btw!)


@SterlingWright Thanks! It all works out in good time and well, people are passionate here and I support that but I also know what its like to see both sides and its why I like to help everyone. I do it because I love it!

I sit here and jam on my trance/dance songs, listening to Steve Aoki (my favorite) from UMF a few days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5bb-Xytbmo


grin : - ) … thanks for the music link. I was just combing the webs for something to listen to… Great Timing!


@SterlingWright Just my kind of person, you know how to rock it electro style then!

We need to make the theme for HiFi “Cake Me” haha


Yes, I have been going to electronic music festivals since…well, longer than I wish to say publicly. But I like other types of music too! This year I started learning to play the viola. But, I want to play avant garde jazz with it (although I very much like classical music to listen to, as well).

I am trying to get a jazz festival going in DC next summer; I want to invite some of the European progressive jazz bands that are doing amazing things, in my opinion.

I don’t know if you will like this guy–it is not really electronic in a dance-genre sense, but it is very esoteric music nonetheless. Nils Peter Molvaer, a very cool trumpet player–at times, his instrument really does sound like a human voice speaking. Here is a link to one of his live performances, which might appeal to your electronic sensibilities. : - )

Nils Peter Molvaer

Live and Direct:


:stuck_out_tongue: I got ya, and yay on viola, not sure what that is, I will google it later, I know what the violin is though lol.


It is a violin, but one size larger and a fifth lower in tone.

The viola sits between the violin and the cello, and is not all that common.