A great example of adding a menu item that can create voxel objects


We put up a job on Worklist for a simple javascript that could create a menu for object creation. https://worklist.net/19601 here is the script . Everyone feel free to check this out and expand the menu items that we can all use. Great work @KevinMThomas

Here is how you add the script to your menu.

File>Open and Run script from URL

Add the following .js: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/kevinmthomas-carpool/11310507/raw/829a4193b35b32499056abd7fde8b42d24efd6af/19601.js

Check that the script is added and running.

You now have two new menu items “Create” and "Remove"

Go somewhere and create a "Kitchen Sink"

Have fun and let’s add some more objects to the menu. If you want to find more scripts check out this https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/fun-and-useful-js-scripts/154/8