A Legal Can of Worms (A discussion on HiFi Legal Issues)


I’m not a legal expert but I think this needs to be brought up…

Since a majority of HiFi domains will be run by users themselves, they are going to be responsible for their own legal issues.

Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Etc
I am guessing every domain is going to need its own Terms of Service agreement. Sure, highfidelity itself has a TOS and Privacy Policy but how much will it cover users domains? Should the server/interface include some way to display (and agree to) terms of service for each domain?

This one seems a bit tricky to me. This would be similar to assets being sold for use on websites like web templates, fonts and images I suppose.

Assets and takedown notices
Who is going to handle takedown notices? Highfidelity?

Contact Info
There is probably going to need to be a way to get contact info for domain owners aside from their highfidelity name, such as a whois unless HighFidelity LLC is going to require subpoenas in order to issue takedown notices to domain owners. In the HiFi directory the owner is listed but only by their HiFi name.

What if somebody makes an anonymous HiFi account and opens a domain that runs scripts that cause damage to users? I suppose it would be similar to owners of harmful websites, but the difference is domain names have whois info and HiFi domains do not (or do they?).


The adult content warning is a big one for me. If somebody even says something adult in nature I believe it has to be disclosed, and people accidently say stuff all the time because theyre human! The only solution right now seems to be running everything local, or maybe just whitelisting…


This is a good question. if we think of Websites, the terms of service tends to be put as a foot note. Perhaps each domain needs one of these, but implementation would be up in the air. Because in this case, users that come in may be wearing avatars that actually are not appropriate for the environment. Then again, we could just whitelist specific avatars for domains, and perhaps for clients as well.

This will be the most difficult part: The blockchain certification seems to handle some of it for content for the marketplace, but it doesnt stop anyone from just grabbing the model and then updating the geometry slightly to change the hash and reuploading it somewhere else and hosting it. Anyone could just make an “alternative” marketplace where they could host their copies of stuff and undercut hifi. Then it woud be a tossup.

This I think is a bit more straight forward: Where ever the servers are hosted, it could be brought up that the content the service is providing has content that they do not have the right to distribute. AWS, DigitalOcean, Server CoHabs, and various other services do have clauses in their terms of service that covers this sort of stuff to some degree. Otherwise, its up to authorities where ever that server is located at. But that would require atleast some investigative skill on finding out where the server is.

Domain names are through the Hifi Service, so they are covered by the High Fidelity Terms of Service. They should definitely have something of the sort to get information on the owner. so I do agree to a degree.

@rocklin_guy Been discussed quite a bit: Whats the deal with domain names?


At the moment we can set this information as private to not have this information directly exposed to public. (as for internet domain name) People pay currently to not have their information visible in the whois… because these information get absorbed by all the markening, spaming, phising, hacking industry of the planet.


I think in hifis mind.All assets bought from their market are hosted by them vetted and legal. everything else is your bloody problem.Much like you dont let strangers into your house irl dont do it in hifi or accept the conciquences .


Decentralized, but centralized by an entity or many entities… sorta like how the net works.