A long term issue unresolved


About 3 months ago I decided it was break time again - coming back I’m somewhat surprised to see Interface on Windows still exhibits a bug where if an update is available you click on button for get update and Interface GUI window is closed but the process does not exit. Then the installer whines because it can’t update files - which, obviously, it can’t as Interface is still running but you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t open task manager to look for it’s process.

Also it’s back to wasting time trying to install MSVC runtime on each install again. That’s an unwelcome regression.


Hi @OmegaHeron , spoke to @leo about your post and he says that this is solved. What version of Windows are you on?



@chris Win7 x64. I’ve done 4 updates since returning and each exhibited failure to terminate Interface process if I allowed update - leading to having to manually terminate process in task manager.


@chris I get “phantom” processes in my tray near the clock.
Win 7 x64 Pro.

Not sure if it’s the same thing. Just thought I’d chime in.


The “phantom” tray icon goes all the way back to my start here > 1 year ago. Why does interface feel it needs a tray icon? It doesn’t seem to actually want one as it doesn’t define an icon for space it occupies in tray set. Here’s what seems to happen. At launch it creates > 1 tray icon releasing all but 1. If you open tray while running you’ll see a big mess there which if you mouse over will drop all the unused blank tray icon spaces, except for one. Basic stuff - complained about over a year ago.


What tray icon ? i never see any tray icon with interface. this is on windows 10. You talk about the tray icon in the taskbar right ?


If you launch interface with Windows 7 then mouse over the tray icon holder for “hidden” tray icons while running interface you will likely see an unusual display where you have X icons showing - a gap of blank space followed by Y icons showing. This is due to Interface creating a number of undefined tray icon entries. If you don’t see it - super. It’s not a big deal - but it does point to an underlying issue with how QT is initialized for Windows.


And just so it’s not lost - back to original topic here. Just started interface… says an update is available. Clicked ok to get update - GUI closes - update downloads - install fails due to interface.exe still running - have to kill in task manager - run install again and move on. Win 7 x64 latest updates etc etc.


@chris @leo disregard issue with install not working due to ghosted interface.exe - Due to a very uncommon piece of software I have it was not allowing the installer to terminate the ghosted interface.exe (nice hack on solving the bug by having installer terminate interface if that’s what’s happening).


Ohhh, i have always all icons visible and yelling for months at that stupid windows that is messing with my tray icons and weird spaces. Now it’s clear what happens ! Thanks. It always seems to dissapear when i hover my mouse over it.

That need to be fixt very very fast because it’s very annoying.


I couldn’t agree more - visually it’s annoying, but, deeper down it indicates some issues with incorrect initializer code right at the very start of interface. Maybe it’s nothing but a visual issue or maybe it’s why interface is so quirky with not always closing proper on windows - either way something is wrong. I feel less bad about thinking the installer thing was still an issue now as it led to an actual still existing issue.


@chris - Here’s the mechanism for the tray icon issue. Each time interface starts it is adding a tray icon (it seems dubious at best if this is actual intended behavior as interface isn’t a background process needing a tray icon to "find"
it and interact).

At closure of interface the (seemingly) not needed tray icon is not released/cleaned up - next launch of interface it creates another tray icon leading to another blank space in the bar. For each launch of interface you create yet another blank icon in tray which ALL remain until you mouse over them and Windows cleans up the mess for tray icons with no attached process remaining. If Interface is running while you do this you will continue to have 1 blank space - noticeable especially if surrounded by other icons.


Welcome back, omega!


Thanks. It’ll likely be a blissfully short return. I’ve taken to checking in at 3 month intervals to see if anything is interesting yet.


It still sometimes happens to me in the last few releases. I am not referring to DDE staying up (it still sometimes stays running on an update), but the interface.exe process itself remaining running after the update supposedly terminates it.

Tis issue: https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/interface-goes-zombie-and-loops-after-quitting/9725

Windows 10 Pro


Programmers around here don’t like cleaning memory, I guess because they aren’t paid to.


Yes - I thought the interface.exe process not terminating was my fault, but it turns out it’s not. It still leaves a ghosted process once the GUI is destroyed that - eventually seems to time out, but if you’re too fast running the updater it hits before said process terminates leading to can’t update due to files being open. It seems more likely to happen in the worst case scenario if face tracking was on.


Well - in a manner of speaking, issue resolved since Windows build 3696 or 1 before maybe. If interface runs more than a few minutes (10 or so) it now crashes on closing presenting a dialog to terminate.