A Mac Question Re: Copy/Paste


OK, so I don’t use my MBP much more since I got the new PC for the Vive, BUT, there has been a difficulty that has persisted, and I thought eventually an update would fix it, but it hasn’t:

Copy/paste does not work universally on the Mac.
When I want to change avatars, I can reliably copy the link from my Amazon S3, and paste it into the Avatar --> Settings–> Appearance box with no problems.

There is also no problem with pasting a link for a new entity.

However, attempts to paste any links into the Entity Properties boxes do not work, neither with dropdown for Edit/Paste nor Ctrl-V.

It’s not a huge thing, but it does mean that I have to type these sometimes long urls into the boxes.
For example: I was trying to parent two entities to another entity, and the lack of ability to paste meant that I had to hand type, and errors made this a long process. (I will switch to PC to do it)

Thanks for reading. Franny

Macos cut and paste still now working :(
Cannot paste text into editor pane on Mac OS X

While editing entities, I cannot paste text into the text fields on the entity properties pane. This means I’ve had to type, by hand, any script URLs, sound URLs, parent entity IDs.

Using Mac OS X 10.11.5 running Interface 5111.


Sounds like the same problem @DrFran reported here
A Mac Question Re: Copy/Paste


Yeah, that’s the same problem!


(I’ve consolidated two topics on the same issue here so it’s clear that it’s ongoing.)


I’ve found the same problem now from my macbook pro with 8413 release.
So mac users are not allowed to copy and paste ???