A noob‘s tutorial on getting fuse / mixamo avatars into High Fidelity without black eyes


I am so new to rigging and animating 3D objects that I don’t even know the termini technici of what I’m doing here :wink:
Still creating an avatar in fuse and having it rigged in mixamo sounded simple enough, so I decided to give it a try.
And… it didn’t work at all :stuck_out_tongue:

But thanks to the big help and great advice of Menithal, Judas and Piper I managed to keep myself from throwing my computer out of the window and went for a couple of new attempts finally being able to import my green-and-not-black-eyed avatar into High Fidelity :slight_smile:

In retrospect I found myself making some really stupid mistakes, that’s why I’m writing this tutorial now – as a note to myself and hopefully as aid to others who are as new to this matter as I am.

Here is what I did:

  1. I followed the “Mixamo’s Fuse to Interface Pipeline”-workflow from High Fidelity’s documentation (https://readme.highfidelity.com/docs/creating-avatars-1) selecting a standard .fbx in T-pose for download.

  2. I followed Judas’ “Mixamo Blender Highfidelity Workflow“ (Blender to HIFI Avatar workflow and they said it would never work) step by step, making sure that
    a) I had the same blender-version as Judas used (2.76b)
    b) I uploaded the whole folder (and not just the .fst) of the .fbx-export to my public dropbox-folder
    This provided me with a working avatar in High Fidelity :slight_smile:
    But there was still the flaw of the black eyes :frowning:

  3. Inspired by Menithal’s PBR-Tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH5YXpcgAfs) I reopened the blender-project I had saved just after the .fbx-export and made the following changes:
    a) as the rest of the avatar was doing fine in High Fidelity, I just selected the eyes
    b) in the material-display I set the specular colors from white to black
    c) in the texture-display I unchecked the “…_Body_Specular”-texture

  4. Then I followed Judas’ workflow again for exporting (etc.) my tweaked .fbx

And HOORAY, now I have my cute little avatar with it’s intended green eyes fully working to explore the metaverse :smiley:
I’m overjoyed!!

Thanx again to Menithal, Judas and Piper!
Without your great Input I would never have been able to achieve this!

Looking for a step by step guide for customizing an avatar for a complete noob

Write up a wiki entry (or convince @Judas or @Menithal to write an entry)


Thanx a lot for the hint :slight_smile:
I’ve put this on my want-to-do-list and I’m gonna get to it as soon as I find enough time to do a proper documentation :slight_smile:


Thank you Xaos! Someone actually just came into Welcome with the black eyes thing and asked if I had seen that before. He’s coming to check out the forums now. Thanks for sharing.


Thanx a lot, Michelle!
So glad I could help :slight_smile:


Great tutorial! I am going to try this. I am running around in a very
pretty female form, but i miss my old self :smiley:


Hi All, I’m new to High Fidelity, and having the problem of invisible Avatar. I’ll try this tute, and hopefully I can get an avatar that everyone can see.


Some additional info about fuse avatar:




Thank you Alezia, they are great tutorials. I am using a macbook pro though, so the mocap app I cant use.


Hmmmmm, tried this method and it didn’t work for me, anyone got any other suggestions?