A noob's cry for help on importing a newly dressed Mixamo avatar into High Fidelity


Hello, Xaos here, I hope I do not bother you to much with my newbie questions :kissing_heart:
But after two weeks of trying to figure this out on my own I’ve run out of ideas…

Here is my challenge:

So I painted a nice dress in Tilt Brush and managed to attach it to my (Mixamo) avatar in Blender.

But if I import it into High Fidelity I encounter a variety of problems:

While the animation of the dress (and the body) works fine and also the face animation of me talking is perfect, my avatar still spawns ca. 30cm below ground.
Also, when I zoom into it, the zoom doesn’t center around the head but around the belly of my avatar (this is also noticeable in the mirror view).

I’m quite sure there are some numbers/adjustments I could do in Blender (or maybe in the “Package Model”-dialogue of the HF-Interface) in order to lift my avatar back up and to center the zoom on its head (hopefully also enabling me again to zoom from third person into first person view).

But unfortunately I’m such a Blender virgin that I don’t even know what to search for (here or on Google or Youtube), so I’d be overjoyed if you could spare some hints for me on how to adress this problem :blush:


Is the dress an attachment or apart of the avtar model?

If avatar,
Quick solution would be to add the following to the fst file:

tz = 0.4

and playing around with that value.


The dress is one of a couple of objects (like body, hair, etc.) parented to the avatar’s armature.
So I guess it’s a part of the avatar (?) :hushed:

Thank you so much for your quick response!!
I’m gonna jump right into this :relaxed:


I’m back - a little bit successful, but also still very clueless :smirk:

After lifting my avatar and its pivot point up in Blender it now spawns at the right height-level in High Fidelity :grinning:

BUT my player’s point of view still centers on my avatar’s belly (as one can also see in the mirror display).
This is especially annoying if I put on the Vive, as I can only look around from my avatar’s belly’s perspective (this includes my avatar’s hands which I can only get a glimpse of by looking steeply up).

My crucial question now is:
Is there a way to (re-)adjust the player’s point of view to the eyes of the avatar?

Thank you so much for all your help (the one I’ve gotten already as well as “in advance”) :heart_eyes:


It sounds like the scalings are all off for the avatar for it to have so many issues,

Have you tried going through the mixamo work flow I had out earlier to make sure all the rotations and scales are correct?


Thank you so much for the feedback and the link, Menithal!
I have to admit that I did the positioning and rotating of the avatar on a try-and-error basis by myself…
Your tutorial gives me new hope!
So I know what I’m gonna do over the holidays :wink:
Thanx a million and merry Christmas to you and all High Fidelians :evergreen_tree:


:sweat: Now I remember why I didn’t try this manual way as first option.
The add-on doesn’t work for me.
I even tried it with blender version 2.77, but I always get the same error message when trying to apply the armature modifier to my mesh with shapekeys.

But maybe I’m gonna try your step-by-step-solution from this post Is there a confirmed workflow of getting fuse/mixamo avatars into High Fidelity? :blush:

PS: What’s interesting though is that the imported mixamo .fbx comes at the right size from the start…


Hooray it worked and I even know what I did wrong :grinning:

My mistake was that I tried to adjust the avatar to the dress.
Now I did it the other way round and imported the avatar again with the mixamo-import-add-on provided by Judas making sure that the dress had the same specifications as the avatar (90° rotation on x as well as a scale of 0,010) before exporting it again.

Now I feel quite stupid for posting all these questions which now have turned out as being obsolete… :sweat:
Sorry for this and again thank you so much for all your inspiration and advice!!


It’s not a stupid question. and obsolete.
Pretty sure more will fall in this trap.