A Noob's First Steps


I have no 3D design experience, I’ve never built on SL, I don’t know Blender, and most of the terms I read about surrounding building in HiFi I don’t even understand. But it’s all so cool, I wish I did. I don’t want to become a world builder, but I would like to know a little bit about how things work, and I would like to figure out how to buy a 3D model and import it into my domain. My work is as a writer and director so I’m initially concerned with using my domain as a place to experiment with storytelling, and to that end I need to create an environment. Can someone give me some beginner suggestions as to what I should be studying and what some first steps should be? I am willing to put time into taking tutorials and learning software, but I don’t plan on working towards a goal of being able to really design stuff like many of you. My first goal is to know enough to source and import 3D models. To date I have used the marketplace to spawn creations into my home domain and have used the edit tool to move and scale them. I can play with building blocks but not much else. I downloaded Blender and it’s very intimidating. Thank you for any suggestions.


Hi @jasonmo
Why not start with FREE models?
blend swap.com/ and sketchfab are two places with downloadable content, often CC-Zero, which means you can use them anywhere.

For paid (and some free) models there is TurboSquid

High Fidelity uses .fbx and .obj models.
If you can come to a Friday at 2PM Pacific time meeting, I am sure @Menithal, @Judas, and other alphas can give you lots of model tips.

Also, check out the HiFi Marketplace for many freebie. Welcome aboard!


Thanks so much DrFran! I spent several hours today on blendswap and watching blender tutorials. Very cool. I almost got a 3D model from blendswap into blender, exported out, saved to my dropbox and loaded into my home domain using the editing tools. Sooo close, everything seemed like it was going well. But the vase of flowers that I got for free (thank you!) just came through as an empty cube. Blerg. Still, I know 100% more today than I did yesterday. I will try to come to the Friday meeting.

Thanks again!