A number of problems in need of help


Can anyone help?

I have a complex problem, which I will describe as a whole, as all parts may be connected, but might also be tackled bit by bit.

I have two computers. ~ One is an Apple and the other is Windows.

I joined High Fidelity some time back with my Apple computer and launched a domain then, but didn’t do much at first for technical reasons.

The old domain lapsed.

I also registered a name ~ SpacePioneers ~ but that was never connected to my old domain, and lapsed.

With the new Windows machine, purchased to run our Oculus Rift, we decided to revisit High Fidelity.

We saw that SpacePioneers was available, and paid for this name.

We also launched a domain for SpacePioneers and successfully named it.

So there I was, successfully accessing our domain on the Windows machine, and looking forward to using the Rift there.

My wife, who has an Apple computer, then attempted to enter SpacePioneers, but got the message ~ (NOT CONNECTED).

I then tried to access our domain from my Apple computer, and got the same message ~ (NOT CONNECTED).

I went back to my Windows and saw that my avatar, Star.Farer, could still go there OK.

We did see that the Windows Star.Farer had no Navigation Landmarks.

I went back to the Apple Star.Farer and saw that he had all his old Navigation Landmarks.

That is when the penny dropped.

It now appears that when I logged Star.Farer into High Fidelity with the new Windows computer, my avatar was cloned.

So I now appear to have two avatars with the same name on the same account.

To prove this, I logged on with the Apple Star.Farer and the Windows Star.Farer at the same time at the Welcome area, and there they were together.

How crazy is that?


The Windows Star.Farer can go into SpacePioneers OK with Interface and Sandbox running on the same machine.

But my Apple Star.Farer cannot, and sees ~ Star.Farer@SpacePioneers (NOT CONNECTED) (build 6136)

My wife’s avatar cannot get into SpacePioneers either.

The address ~ SpacePioneers ~ can be typed into the Navigation search bar, then the avatar can go there, but my wife’s avatar and my Apple Star.Farer cannot get in.

So, is SpacePioneers locked for all users, other than my Windows Star.Farer?

We have selected full automatic networking in both the domain ID settings and the server settings.

Under server security settings we have allowed all avatars to connect to our domain so we do not understand why it can only be accessed from the local host computer.

Can anyone get into SpacePioneers?


We know that SpacePioneers exists as an address and can be reached via the navigation bar.

We submitted an image about 4 days ago, but this has not appeared among the destinations yet.

Looking forward to solutions to these problems.


Hi, I think you are misunderstanding the Domains a little… If you have a domain on your local PC, by default no one else will be able to access it. You need to do a couple things:

-Windows firewall / Virus / Malware : open them up to the sandbox application
-In your server settings, adjust the permissions so others can access

The other option is to run your domain on a hosted machine (Amazon or digital ocean seem to be the preferred at the moment), then your domain will be available to everyone 24/7.

Here is the documentation from the wiki:


hope this helps!