A question about understanding : Verts


I wonder, why blender tell me, the object has 978 verts, but the edit window says 23826 verts? Or do I understand something wrong?

Vertex count inconsistancies

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I cannot confirm, but my guess is you have automatic physics hull being applied; thereby adding to the count seen inside interface.exe


Hi @AlphaVersionD, good idea, thank you. Tried it and rezzed one without collission hull - the interface tells me it still has 23826 vertices. So maybe it is something different.


That’s ok; I like to help. I don’t always have the correct answer. :blush: Do you have multiple UV Maps? Perhaps the sum total of all maps is creating this?


You not create extra faces or (hope i say it right) triangulare the mesh when you export it ? Some modifier that get applied when you export ?


Hi @Richardus.Raymaker, thanks for your answer. Actually I modify meshes to triangles, but that should not create extra vertices, if I understand it right. A rectangle face , build from 4 vertices and one face, should still have 4 vertices when it is modified to triangles.


I tweaked a little with the materials and UV maps - and it seems that has an effect. Verts are just the half now, and also draw calls are reduced.


But, I still have a question in general. When you build something with differently materials, each has a bunch of textures in the slots like roughness, normals, etc. what is an acceptable size it should have to looks nice and don’t suck all the power of the hardware down?

Would somebody use this little shop with this values? Or must it be much more reduced in verts, draw calls, grafic card memory?


Today I gave it another try and worked on the texture efficiency, and it is amazing how important that seems. From 23826 verts and 51.9 MB grafic card memory, I am now on 8310 and 27 MB, draw calls from 11 down to 4, just by tweaking the textures/materials and how they are used on the structure - and now inclusive some front doors.