A solution for reading problems


Thanks @Triplelexx for hinting substance painter again. I think am going to use it this year. Want to finish my house first.

Because this i have done soem extra thinking and found finaly a good magnifier program, it’s free to. http://www.blacksunsoftware.com/screenmagnifier.html

This program allow me to put the magnified screen on second monitor or third one i possible go add because i still have 4:3 LCD laying around. That way i can always look at that small screen to the magnified content. If this is working it makes lot’s of things more easy to see and work with.

Also i can ditch the tablet in high fidelity in desktop mode and use tiny icons.
Now it only would be nice if we can hide/show the icons with right mouse button click :open_mouth:

Or i only turn it on when needed. But it seems a solution.

First some testing needed.