A standard avatar and plugins


When for example you create some dances for tiny’ s since they are so cute ( https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR753E6CoLpKpN2ZLSX85hJeONcSb-w3y850quL0faNVX1xBOBdGA )

and you spread them (in the marketplace) then you will wanna make sure that the dances work.

So you would wanna say something like this dance works with with every avatar who confirm to the tiny avatar standard.

And for sure most of us want an easy way to rig the avatars so they work in high fidelity.
My best gues is to make this work plugins in 3d programs like make human, maximo, blender and maya are needed for this so that the compelx thing of bone names, blend shapes and the other stuff is taken care off. On creating an avatar in make human (or other) there should be an export plugin wich exports in an fbx avatar format that the plugins in blender (or other like daz 3d or marvelous designer ,cause you probably wanna have clothes…) understand and can export to working high fidelity avatars.