A virtual prehistoric world - Questions


HI all,
I’m developing a virtual prehistoric world for kids that will be incorporat role play . At the moment the prototype is being built in Kitely where it will be tested, but eventually I’d like to develop one here in Hifi but I have some questions-
1/ animations for dinosaurs, I know there is one for a biped, but is there one for a quadruped?
2/ a role playing system - that has goals, points etc - is there one in exsistance ? If not is there someone who can show me how to develop a script for one.
3/ normal and spec maps can Hifi support these ? Like in Opensim.
4/ And water like in Second Life


Welcome to Hifi,

To answer your questions:

  1. We do not have any ready made animations for quadrupeds or bipeds, however @davedub has been working on walk tools which can procedurally create both quadruped and biped animations: Just note that currently may take a while to get into in terms of usability and a workflow to export animations created in it to the actual walk script. https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/walk-js-new-avis-physics-and-turn-detection/5460/4
  2. Currently there are no game systems in or ready, we are only a few months in after the alpha opened up so there is not much stuff to do, and only a handful of active users
  3. Yes there is native support for normal and spec maps its built in and cant be turned. Currently lacks content, but there are plenty of avatars that have these in.
  4. No water just yet, but with normal map, spec support, and bone animation, this is doable, to some degree, even abit more advanced than SL.

As a side note you came in a bit of a voletile time, there was a recent change in the rendering engine that is causing instability and some visual artifacts.



@hans3000 - Dinosaur animations should already be possible with the system I’m working on (walk.js with walkTools). I’d love to have a go at doing so! Could send me a link to a rigged dinosaur model so I can have a look at what can be done?

This is very true. There is already a tried and tested workflow for creating and exporting your own animations using the walkTools system, but it currently involves some copy pasting from the log files to the animation files, and requires you to host the script and animations yourself. It’s doable, but not yet ideal.

  • davedub


@hans3000 - you also could try out the scripts http://public.highfidelity.io/scripts/example/entities/animatedModelExample.js or http://public.highfidelity.io/scripts/example/entities/butterflies.js, to see how custom animations work.

@davedub, I have the same problem with this copy and paste with my poseeditor.js script. Is there really no way, to save parameters from a script in a file? For me nothing has worked until now.


@summer4me… - I have two possible solutions I plan to check out at some point:

  1. Store the parameters on a remote database instead of in text files. In theory, this shouldn’t be too hard, but I’ve not actually checked it out in detail yet. I think this is the way forward.

  2. Use the javascript Settings object to store stuff locally on the user’s hard drive. Again, I’ve not checked this out yet, so I don’t know if there’s any limits on, for example, how much data a Setting can hold. There is also the issue of persistence - Settings on a user’s local file-system can be accidentally deleted…

  • davedub


Well yes, the question is, where to store the parameters. Some may be needed only for Myavatar, some for the domain and some for all users. But this could be a new thread :smile:


Not sure - there’s some examples of the Settings object being used in the edit.js script, that might be a good place to start…

  • davedub


Every entity has a user data property that a script can stash data into.


yes @Balpien_Hammere, but can I save parameters from a running script in this user data property? Otherwise it again would be a copy and paste. I think about such things, how adjusting of poses for furnitures for every user. This must be individually for every user.


Only issue is that avatars don’t have them Yet


You can save the user data via script, but I just realized that what is saved is into a instantiated entity. The data exists while it remains rezzed in the domain. Entities are persisted in domains across restarts but there is no concept of inventory in HF; that is, any notion of un-rezzed items somehow being a part of the avatar’s list of ‘things’ is something that has to be created, served, and maintained by whomever creates that experience. HF does not have an asset server either, What is has is an access architecture and the means to go talk to asset servers either you or whomever creates an experience provides.

So, when anyone talks about an ‘object’ or ‘avatar’ having persisted properties, that suggests an infrastructure that is not part of HF proper but something a game designer or world builder provides for his/her clients.