A Wiki For The People (Unofficial)


Last night I got to thinking about all I have heard and it boils down to people want a place to post and share and edit information now. I have decided to put something like this up.

This is mostly a call to people who have information to share (like maybe @Judas can put up some of his tutorials there)

I am willing to help anyone figure out how to add content to the wiki but its very simple, if the main page is: http://hifi.wiki/index.php/Main_Page then all you need to do is edit out Main_Page and add in your word.

Lets take Judas’s new video about retexturing an avatar from the marketplace, you could change the url to http://hifi.wiki/index.php/Modify_Avatar_From_MP and it takes you to a blank page.

You click Edit this page and put in information and then save it. Page created!

You can now edit the main front page to point to that article (which @Adrian and myself will work to categorize) or you can send either of us a message that you added content and we can work on creating the categories.

That page is at its infancy and is 100% run by @Adrian and @Coal and not HiFi at all. This is our way to give back to the community who wants to share information.

We ask you please, help us add any content you may have created that will help others!

To debut it, the url to the wiki to add to, modify and enjoy: http://hifi.wiki


How dare you post my Ha no its cool. if the dev’s are ok with it?


@Coal - I fixed the main page stuff but I’m not sure about the other page… I’ll fiddle some more.


@morrisford - thanks! I just want to give a place for the information that people want to share with others.

I can add extensions for mediawiki etc depending what people want.


Would this be a place for a Quickstart doc to fill in the real basics until the official docs do?


Sounds good to me. What say you @Coal?


I put it up so anyone can edit it, so sure thing! I have my hands a little full at the moment but will work to add stuff as I go but anyone who has any helpful bits are free to add them.

To help get it started I made this one: http://hifi.wiki/index.php/New_Users


@Simulacron3 , @morrisford , and what @Coal said. Exactly.
This wiki is the ideal place for such docs, in fact the new arrivals are in a better position to start developing this kind of early walkthru.
You are going thru the process now and we rely on this new information that you all uncover to help the newer alphas.

Feel free to contribute, please contribute. We all welcome information at all levels particularly very first steps.


I’m very new to editing wikis, and have been using the MediaWiki help files to guide me with wiki formatting and linking conventions etc. However, there are High Fidelity naming conventions that I don’t know i.e. Moving around in a domain (world).

My understanding is that each page has a Talk page wherein contributors can discuss the adding or deleting of material. Where in doubt, I will put stuff that I find in the Talk pages for other more experienced HiFi users and wiki contributors to vet.

I tentatively created a ‘worklist’ page for us to list pages that need creating?


I think it’s a good idea to use the Talk pages for specific editing suggestions. Less sure about the worklist page, it seems a little meta. Let’s see how it works.

The New Users page, which is linked from the Main page, is a good place to drop notes and ideas for others to use to create new Wiki content or maybe add to what exists. Now it only contains a couple of links to content specifically for new users, but I think it would be better to separate the bulletin-board and indexing functions.


Thank you @Coal this is a great idea! You’re a major league maestro in HF tech and have given myself and others massive help here :slight_smile: