Ability to Move Marketplace tablet


Being a horse avatar who uses a mouse and Oculus, the marketplace tablet appears right in my face and this makes it inaccessible to me.

If I fudge around with the mouse wheel I can zoom out enough to get a view of the tablet and eventually use my arrow keys and be able to scroll but can not select anything with either mouse button or some other combination of keys. This makes the marketplace unusable for myself and I would assume other equines.

I would like to be able to grab and move the marketplace tablet so that I can more easily see it but at present it appears to be fixed in space and otherwise unusable.


You can move it around if you have the touch controls, but that brings in a good question on the users that just use a xbox controller or the kb+m


As far i know, Unless it’s changed in last beta. The marketplace in desktop mode just open in a window. So that cannot be a problem. Same with xbx in desktop mode.

I think the story chane when you wear HMD. With the above problems.


@Menithal and I do indeed use either the xbox controller or kb/mouse @Richardus.Raymaker that’s a work around I’ll make use of though I seldom use the Desktop mode and try to use Interface only in HMD mode.
The main thing I have to go to the Desktop for is to use the Console (for some reason Alt+Ctrl J does produce the console for me) which only appears on Desktop and causes me to take peek under the HMD and if I do not peek it will throw me into desktop mode and negate my console command.
Thanks guys.


Oculus have not a desktop mode in the HMD that you can enable. HTC vive have that. and it’s pretty handy fucntion.