About my sound "Tui bird" "Ocean" "Cricket"


I write a note here, for people that have one of the sound emitters and have problems with changing volume. I write extra instructions here because marketplace not let me edit.

If you change the volume setting in userData,
press the script reload button after you did save the userData.

Change volume works fine.

Sorry if there’s not coming any update for now,
Just follow above instructions. And it need to work fine.
i cannot update the scripts on the marketplace or access the deactivated content to check and update it.


Hi @Richardus.Raymaker,

I’d like to stand in agreement with you that there is actually some kind of persistent bug in the sound emitter volume. I noticed it only by other people telling me about the problem. Let me explain.

Description of the bug

  • An audio emitter set to a specific volume will be louder and without falloff for different users.

How we found this

  • During our engineering meetups I had constructed a very basic setup to demonstrate some of our background audio clips that have been produced. The good news was, the staff could hear the audio clip. The bad news was, it was so loud they couldn’t hear me. At first, I thought this was just my headset, or some anomoly that I caused, but after resetting domain audio settings, and having another meeting, we noticed the same issues.

Why this is a huge problem for me

  • Correct use of audio in VR is mission critical. Through observations of my own, I’ve seen roughly 7 or 8 out of 10 randomly chosen locations don’t use audio cues at all. It’s shocking. But it leads me back to the bug. If I build audio into my experience and it works for me and then it doesn’t work for other people, then the definition of ‘done’ is in limbo. I can’t sign off on ‘done’ because it is still non-functional.

I’d like to kindly ask someone to please investigate this issue as soon as practical. I first noticed this problem in April and like most bugs I assumed you’d eventually find it and do something about it. You haven’t. Here is how to replicate…

  1. Start with a pure empty domain
  2. Put down a ground plane cube for walk purpose
  3. Choose a location roughly 10 meters away and place @Caitlyn 's sound emitter there.
  4. Adjust the volume using the user data .json so that you are able to properly talk over it.
  5. Invite a user with a ‘lesser’ graphics card ( i roll a GTX 1080 Ti - my staff is 980 or lower)

Expected result: The staff meeting is graced with a nice background audio while conversations occur.

Actual result: The background audio is (full - bright) and no one can hear anyone over it.

Like I explained, this has been a problem for a few months. It’s reached the point I’m getting involved. Please help us.


Something in my mind tells me i did hit that problem in the past to with audio.

But in this case there’s also (my aown fault) a small design flaw in my script. I wrote the script easy and only read the sound volume when the script start or get reset.

Now my cricket sound get delsted / deactivated with the comment that sound volume setting does not work. I tried it with my tui bird. it works if you reset.

Now marketplace not let me update the still working one to add extra info in the description field so users know how to reset.
The deavtivated one i cannot access at all. i cannot load the json nothing.

And sorry, but i have not the enrgy to redo again the whole item on the marketplace when a script update would fix it (after i figured out how to detect userData changes)

I try to use high fidelity, but it’s just a platform that is still to difficult. The simple things are already difficult.

On top of that with the problem you report it’s choas again! :open_mouth:


I have noticed the falloff has changed over my domain
I’m hearing some emitters domain wide lately


Both sounds are back in the store. The description already explained that you need to reset the script. Missed it myself to with reading back.


Yes. This is exactly the issue. What I find odd, is my system has no issue with it (meaning it doesn’t exhibit the symptom), but the other visitors do.

At a loss with audio at the moment.

All I can really think to do is setup an environment for the devs to come in and witness what does and doesn’t work through each release. Kind of like a QA Domain that serves the purpose of showing the programmers known-functional content.


then they could just SEE and EXPERIENCE what gets broken and then potentially figure out what went wrong.

Ya know what? No. I’m not doing this. I will not rage-quit like others. I came in bright-eyed and bushy tailed; super excited for the future, and now that we’re 4 years in, I can’t let the finish line elude me. All I can really do is push out what we have, let them examine what isn’t working, and carry on with the hopes it will get fixed.


damn it i had the hats printed up and everythin