About the "Avatar Standards" Reference


I was looking through the Avatar Standards Reference While I was working on my avatar Head.

I found that it has concepts that should belong in either:

A. Basics of 3D
B. Basics of Rigged Mesh
C. Mixamo Tutorial cases

It also seems abit centric to using Maya, when other software are perfectly capable of doing rigging and exporting in FBX (Infact, Autocad has a software that can export any format that can support rigs and blendshapes to a binary fbx).

Standards should be standards, regardless of the software used to create the content. Granted some of the information should belong in separate articles.

The reference had decent focus at the start (Giving info on Process, Skeleton, Skinning (Textures), and average avatar height), but went into details that are not necessarily “standards”. so what I propose is to separate standards and above information to their separate documentation.

My reasoning are following:

  1. From my Experimentations: For Blendshapes to match Faceshift from the get go (without even touching faceshift), the naming convention should not start with ##_ (Like EyeBlink_L instead of 00_EyeBlink_L).
    If a user would do this, it would require content creators to own a copy of Faceshift license or manually bind the Blendshapes via the fst file. Its either lots of cost, or lots of manual labor which could be saved by doing everything correctly at the start.
  2. It does not information that could technically save creators time: forexample with rotations of eyes (Had to reverse engineer that). Atleast in Blender this was up: but there is no details if this is also the case in other suites (no info on this!)
  3. Lot of the information should be split in separate pages. (Joint Naming conventions, etc) and linked from this page instead.

Please Discuss.