About the Collaborations - Unpaid category


This forum section is where High Fidelity users can seek each other out for unpaid collaborations.

Remember that you are solely responsible for doing due diligence research on potential collaborators. Ability to post on the High Fidelity forum does not constitute endorsement by High Fidelity.

If you are requesting a significant amount of work, consider making it a paid project and posting in the Help Wanted - Paid or For Hire - Paid categories.


  • High Fidelity and its staff are not responsible for, or legally trained in the procedures of, mediating or resolving any conflicts that arise from arrangements you make here.
  • Any conflicts or disagreements that result from an arrangement made here must be resolved in private.
  • Posts that do not follow the above guidelines are subject to deletion.


I so wanna use this category to plan a heist o.o

I need a driver a bag man stooge and a pack of cards with girls on the back
who’s with me


I’ll be the bag man stooge. Who is going to be the pack of cards?


Already available! (not entirely work safe)

Also, excellent Caveat Emptor note.