About the gestures (minor bug report)


I really love the gestures! They make scaling the avatar just so much easier when wearing the Vive :heart_eyes:

The only thing I don’t love about them is that they are turned on by default whenever I start the interface / go to VR or reload all scripts.
Also when I activate the gestures-window from the hub the checkbox says “disabled” (though they are enabled…) and I have to klick it two times with my sometimes not so response-friendly laser trackers in order to turn them off.
And while doing so I drive the people around me mad with the gestures’ beeping sounds :flushed:

As much as I wouldn’t mind at all to look for the gestures’ url menus in desktop mode, I would love to have just a plain “gestures on/off” switch directly in the hud (similar to the “bubble on/off” switch).


Once people really can understand making their own scripts They will be able to fix it I agree with you it is annoying not having options with this it is a demonstration script when it comes down to it I always believe you need good examples for the market as people will use that as a template That is not a good example default for sure

But the scripting language is still being worked on so there is limitations still

I’m guessing it’s not a big deal to turn it off when it loads backup by default anybody up to the challenge scripters ?