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Hello Birarda,

I think, it is better, you seperated the category “Help & Troubleshooting” into “Help” and “Bug report”.



Hi @b, I agree with @JuelsDreki

If I am using more than 1 computer, do I have to generate a different doman ID for each one?


The more unanswered questions the more I feel HiFi is heading the Cloud Party route. There seems to be no attempt and setting the dates correctly to match when a query was made. When I see June 15 next to a topic I am not sure if its referring to the year 2015 of 15th of June this year, last year or the year before.
I use Windows and it should be possible to show day, month and year of when a topic was posted. Instead one has to meander through mile and mile of topics and comments to make sense of any questions in my head.
I was kind of getting back in to Hifi but I got a feeling they are other VR chat platforms that are leading the way.