About the text option in user2user money transfer


Following up on our heated discussion at the last community meeting I still want to emphasize that imho
the OPTION of including text in user2user money transfer is a really good idea!

As far as I understand it, this works just like the reference line on wire transfer forms whose input the sender can shape how (s)he pleases.
Especially if I receive a just humanly operated “soft service” (like e.g. someone playing guitar & singing at my party) it gives me the opportunity to:
a) create a receipt
b) keep records of my user2user spendings in a humanly readable (text) form

While I do understand concerns about this being an exploitation risk in terms of “blockchain spamming” (which could be avoided by charging a fee for each text input), I don’t see any “privacy danger” in this, as nobody is forced to put text in there, and as the text itself should only readable by the (two) users on each end of the transaction (if - of course - everybody takes care of their passphrases / private keys not going public).

As I value your thoughts highly, dear @M.L and @Menithal, I’d appreciate if you could elaborate further, why this should be such a terrible idea.

CC: @Caitlyn & @ChangX
(& a big THANK YOU for and CONGRATS on your work on the High Fidelity Blockchain System, imho it can really be groundbreaking - not only for our VR world but also for other applications :purple_heart: :globe_with_meridians: :sunglasses:)


the messages in this money

is that interdomain chat? where were paying for texts?


I remember the first time I wired my mum some money from China, I included “Hi Mum” in the transfer text and it got printed in her bank passbook, which lead to all the bank staff going gaga and passing the book around like a baby photo :smile:


I have to admit that the thought of “Finally a working chat system!” crossed my mind too :wink:


Thank you Xaos Princess!

spoiler - I am sourcing ideas and scoping for a chat marketplace app, possibly leveraging other 3rd party API integration