About Xtion pro


Hi folks,

I’ve been away for some time - unfortunately have developed RSI in neck due to over use of PC / mouse and probably bad posture - let this be a warning to anyone whose clicking in same position for hours on end every day !!

Anyway it’s starting to recover and I’m getting all excited about being able to do stuff again, so I thought I would try to get my new ASUS Xtion pro motion sensor camera thingy working.

I don’t know if anyone out there has tried one of these but it seems that unless you are familiar with a great deal more tech than I am then it’s a nightmare to try to get it working if it doesn’t do so out of box.

The thing is, once all SW is installed and basic connectivity instructions are followed I get nothing from it - no sound from plug n play USB - no recognition at all of the device. It might be defective out of the box, but maybe it’s my lack of technical knowledge. trying to find support in a non too techy language I can follow is tough.

When I run the suggested app to locate device - OpenNI - or something it says ‘device not found’ or ‘not connected’ which backs up my suspicion that I have a defective out of the box.

Does anyone have any experience with one of these?

Can anyone recommend an alternative which works well in Hifi to track movement?



I have been using these drivers with faceshift selecting the openni plugin when it asks with faceshft 2014.1.05
I cant get it to work on the 2015 build tho


Thanks Judas, Do you think the fact that I get no sound when plugging it in [the Xtion] is just a driver issue ?

Also I notice that when I have installed the SW drivers supplied with it and plugged the thing in - my soundmax drivers stop working and so does my wacom tablet. Surely I should get some response from pluggin/unpluggin the thing - as one usually does with a plug n play device ?

In the support section of the UI which pops up from disk supplied - the link for support http://www.openni.org takes me to Apple website ?!?! How frustrating.

I think I’ll return this dead thing, I’m an artist with some tech knowledge, not a developer… are there any alternatives to the Xtion - something I can plug in and expect to get life from ?



Unlike the kinnect cam I never got this to work as just a webcam, but it works fine with the older version of Faceshift. If anyone got it to work on the newest Faceshift (windows) id be interested to know how.
I think the primesence cam is the alternative, tho I haven’t tried one and i believe their hard to find right now.